Local Action Plan by Comments collected for the Louisiana Task Force to address.
Very few speak out, in most all 2017 Louisiana Task Force meetings public comments were typically not from the general public or disaster victims but rather groups looking for their own gains. Why are the people not involved in the Disaster Recovery?

By Murray Wennerlund published 5-2-2018 updated 1-11-2022

Plan of action Local:

  1. Find the list of every state employee that worked Katrina to the end that are now employed by IEM Inc as legal advisers or policy makers.
  2. Make every meeting minute very public that Mr. Forbes is asked a question by the Task Force and not answered.
  3. Force the disclosure of minor policy changes that are to be published with major changes.
  4. Find the reason why most Task Force meetings had little if any public comments. Was it not known that they want public comment, was it not published on the agenda?
  5. Request that all letters and memos discussing any matters related to Homeowners Assistance be made public on the OCD-DRU website and the Restore website.
  6. Publish Change Notices and Notes. Most all FAQ posts are updated by removing old posts. We need to see change and understand why change was made.
  7. Require all phone calls and face to face visits be followed up with an electronic update to the homeowners visit with meeting notes. (older members are not remembering what was discussed.)