Monitoring state level disaster recovery programs
Citizens are being fleeced each and every disaster of tax dollars allocated to assist in their recovery after a declared disaster. States that go unchecked little or no program oversight cost us millions.

By Murray Wennerlund published 1-15-2022 updated 1-15-2022

Monitoring Disaster Recovery Programs

Long term disaster recovery is the responsibility of state leadership and state managed programs to assist the citizens recover from disasters.

  1. Citizen Disaster Recovery Programs
  2. Business Disaster Recovery Programs
  3. Municipality Disaster Recovery Programs
  4. State Disaster Recovery Programs

Each program requires a budget to best server the people of the state.

Hurricane Laura Federal

Louisiana Hurricane Laura (DR-4559-LA)

Federal Resources:


We have to use the FEMA EM identifier until FEMA publishes the actual state of LA, TX, AR, MS disasters.
Incident Period: Aug 22, 2020 and continuing
Emergency Declaration declared on Aug 23, 2020

  1. FEMA Hurricane Laura main page.

State Resources

  1. Louisiana Get a Game Plan
  2. Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOSHEP)
  3. (Road closures)
  4. Louisiana Department of Health Emergency Preparedness and Information page.
  5. Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP)
  6. Boards and Commissions State DOA
  7. Louisiana DOA OCD-DRU HUD CDBG-DR Grants and long term recovery notices.
  8. HUD CDBG-MIT Grants are processed by the Watershed Initiative created by Patrick Forbes director of the State of Louisiana OCD-DRU.

Louisiana Covid-19 (EM-3459)

Incident Period: January 20, 2020 and continuing.
Emergency Declaration declared on March 13, 2020

Louisiana Covid-19 Pandemic (DR-4484)
Incident Period: January 20, 2020 and continuing.
Major Disaster Declaration declared on March 24, 2020

State Resources

Congressional Representatives:

  • Congressman Steve Scalise
  • Congressman Garret Graves
  • Congressman Mike Johnson
  • Congressman Clay Higgins
  • Congressman Ralph Abraham
  • Rep. Cedric Richmond
  • U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy
  • Senator John Kennedy
  • Governor John Bel Edwards


Federal Resources

FEMA Public Assistance -


Louisiana Timeline