SNAP FORM 38 Statement Regarding Food Lost in a Household Misfortune


By Murray Wennerlund published 2-19-2021 updated 1-15-2022


Did you lose all the food in your refrigerator because of the storm that cause you to lose power for more than 24 hours? Were you told that you do not qualify for SNAP replacement by the state or by anyone else? Lets get your paperwork filed today, now.

Understanding disaster recovery in the State of Louisiana under the guidance of Gov. Edwards is a full-time job. Really challenging at times and always frustrating.

This post is about SNAP form 38. You're not going to find the form online because the state is waiting for the federal government to give it money. They are waiting for the USDA to say the winter storm was a disaster and to allow funds from federal taxpayers to trickle down to us in the state of Louisiana.

But the state's program for SNAP allows you at anytime of the year to declare "Food Loss" from a "Household Misfortune". Does that sound like it needs to be a federally declared disaster by the President of the United States? No... It's a household misfortune that you lost power for 24 hours and lost all your food.

What is a disaster is you only have 10 days to file your FORM 38 to be eligible for replacement SNAP funds by the state. The state can and will be reimbursed by the USDA later and you shouldn't worry about it because it's all federal funds nothing from the state coffers.

So right now let's get you filling out the correct paperwork and get that paperwork in the mail today or at the latest by this coming week. Remember, you only have 10 days from the first day you lost power. You must have lost power for at least 24 hours. You do not have to provide proof you lost power, the state will ask your power company to provide that information. You will have to itemize the amount of food you lost and be ready to offer receipts with dates before the "Disaster" or "Power Outage".

Here's what your form will look like. I have placed links to download the form below in this pages research resources.

Rev. 10/19
08/19 Issue Obsolete

State of Louisiana
Department of Children and Family Services
Statement Regarding Food Lost in a Household Misfortune

Give this form to DCFS

By mail:

P. O. Box 260031
Baton Rouge, LA 70826-9918

or By fax:(225) 663-3164

or in person at your local DCFS office



If you lost food that you bought with your SNAP benefits because of a flood, fire, power outage, or other disaster, we may be able to replace your SNAP benefits.

To request replacement of SNAP benefits, you must:

  • Report the loss within 10 days of the food loss.

  • Complete this form and submit it to DCFS within 10 days after you reported the loss of food.

  • Provide the Dollar ($) amount of the food loss.


Name of Head of Household:

Social Security Number:

Physical Street Address:



Name of Authorized Representative:

Phone Number:

The undersigned states:

That he/she is the person named as head of household of the above-described certification, is a responsible member of the household, or is the authorized representative. That he/she lost food bought with my SNAP benefits worth $_______ because of a household disaster or misfortune that happened on (month/day/year).

That food purchased with SNAP benefits was destroyed in a household misfortune due to:

Flood or Fire or Power outage of at least 24 hours or Other Describe:______/

That at the time of the disaster the head of the household lived at the address shown above.

The undersigned is aware of the penalties for intentional misrepresentation of the facts including a charge of perjury for any false claim.

Typed or printed name of Head of Household or other Responsible Household Member

Signature of Head of Household or other Responsible Household Member

Date Signed

Typed or printed name of Authorized Representative

Signature of Authorized Representative

Date Signed


After confirming the length of power outages in your area with the Louisiana Public Service Commission, DCFS will determine your eligibility for replacement benefits. If caseworkers need additional information they will contact you. If replacements are warranted, DCFS expects to issue benefits to your account within 10 days. You will not receive correspondence from DCFS about this request.

If you have any other question please email and call the state.

Email or call 1-888-524-3578.

For a listing of your state visit the following link to to view the SNAP state directory.

Research Resources:



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SNAP FORM 38 Statement Regarding Food Lost in a Household Misfortune

Did you lose all the food in your refrigerator because of the storm that cause you to lose power for more than 24 hours? Were you told that you do not qualify for SNAP replacement by the state or by anyone else? Lets get your paperwork filed today, now.

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