SBA DOB >120% AMI Hardship Louisiana 2016 floods
When you have no idea how to tell the upper income class that you will see no SBA repayment you come up with a plan that is so far outside the realm of HUD its 100 percent secured to fail the people they claim to be helping.

By Contributor published 8-5-2020 updated 8-5-2020

SBA DOB >120% AMI Hardship Louisiana 2016 floods

The state DOA office just released to me documents I requested months ago. I have been in watchdog mode on this activity since June 12, 2019 and today being the last day to apply for the SBA DOB Hardship you have no choice but to just file the survey and then we can correct any missing items.

Complete the survey you were sent and do it today! Insight / Oversight / Watchdog:

State of Louisiana OCD-DRU:

"Subject: Louisiana Proposal for Hardship Criteria - Response to HUD Concerns Attached please find information to address HUD&rsquos concerns regarding the Hardship criteria proposed by the state in our APA 12. Note that the new proposal suggests a cap of 300% AMI to be eligible for criteria 3-8. This would appear to eliminate about 100 homeowners and over $2M immediately, but there are also many files without income information. Our estimation of impact on that population suggests another 130 or so would fall out. We also don&rsquot know how many people will put in for the hardship exception, because we don&rsquot have the data on the criteria we&rsquore proposing."