2019 Budget Review for Restore Louisiana Homeowners Program SBA DOB Repayment program


By Murray Wennerlund published 12-29-2019 updated 1-15-2022
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Following the money that the state of Louisiana spends is very difficult since the state seems not to announce new contracts in the HUD official website. You must check often to see if any new contracts have been added to the states OCD-DRU website.

Budget Review for SBA DOB Repayments.

Pipeline report Nov. 2019 is referenced below.

  • 8,648 applicants continue to be offered offered Zero dollars. SBA processing from Zero Grant award numbers: 2,837 in which 1,168 Declined remaining 1,669 for repayments. Still leaves 4,227 for >120% and an estimated 4,000 between 80% and 120% AMI.
  • 12,895 applicants determined ineligible, this is a 2,673 increase in 30 days
  • 5,781 applicants withdrawn or rescinded from program.
  • 17,581 applicants were offered grants totaling $670,002,030.27 This is 2,000 over the Governors requested cap from 2018.
  • 15,629 applicants obligated grant funds totaling $599,753,368.61
  • 14,588 applicants had $485,410,453.92 distributed to them.

As of the Nov. 2019 pipeline report the state estimates a total of $670,002,030.27 worth of grants to honor with a payment. This grant number will increase as more homeowners are screened and vetted for SBA loan repayments.

Will the state have enough money to pay homeowners grants in accordance to HUD's June 20, 2019 Guidance?

Many homeowners are worried that the money will run dry before the first HUD audit for SBA repayments scheduled July 2020.

Hard figures are hard to come by with the state of Louisiana OCD-DRU releasing at times numbers that appear to be more about Public Relations and Communications rather than actual HUD DRGR figures. We've even seen HUD NOLA accept numbers that were questionable.

Follow the contact numbers, administrative costs and fees. What is not included in this first list is program costs such as cost share, infrastructure, economic development which are all percentages of allowable funding after HUD defined milestones are accomplished.

2016 Great Floods Allocations total: $1,708,407,000

  1. State of Louisiana Administration 5% = $85,420,350
  2. Aguilar Consultants, LLC. $49,999
  3. Alpha Media and Public Relations $33,413
  4. Arcadis $1,310,573.75
  5. Ardyn M. Thriffiley and Associates, Inc. $48,000
  6. Capital Region Planning Commission $360,000
  7. Center for Planning Excellence, Inc. (CPEX) $49,845
  8. Cohn Reznick LLP $10,000,000
  9. Compass Group Affordable Housing, LLC $2,944,000
  10. Conduent State & Local Solutions Inc. $491,412
  11. CSRS, Inc. $1,500,000
  12. DCMC Partners $49,999
  13. Disaster Metrics, LLC $7,350
  14. DWD Technology Group $55,000
  15. Emergent Method, LLC. $2,000,000
  16. Fishman Haygood, LLP $380,000
  17. Franklin Associates, LLC $7,143,250
  18. Fugro $2,312,117
  19. Governor's GOHSEP $558,000
  20. GrantAnalyst.com LLC $6,100
  21. Greater Baton Rouge Economic Partnership, Inc. $20,000
  22. Henry Consulting, LLC $500,000
  23. Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC $10,000,000
  24. Innovative Emergency Management $353,000,000
  25. Louisiana State University $11,755
  26. LSU Ag and Mechanical College $205,718.50
  27. Pan American Engineers, LLC. $9,000,000
  28. Ramboll Environ US Corporation $2,150,000
  29. SCI Research and Consulting, Inc. $24,496
  30. S.E. Huey Co. APC $49,400
  31. Spears Consulting $40,000
  32. Start Corporation $2,802,482
  33. Tembua, Inc. $175,000
  34. The Workforce Group, LLC $10,000,000
  35. Volunteers of America $49,999
  36. W Resources $25,000
  37. Westaff $25,686
  38. Xerox Corporation $988
  39. Zehnder Communications $49,999

Total Administrative Costs: $501,849,932.25

Total Allocated to 2016 Floods: $1,708,407,000 - $501,849,932.25 = $1,206,557,067.75 for all programs including Homeowners Program.

November Pipeline Reports shows

  • 17,581 applicants were offered grants totaling $670,002,030.27

The above number does not include an estimated 5,000 SBA DOB Repayment program applicants.

$1,206,557,067.75 - $670,002,030.27 = $536,555,037.48

APA 11 - $172 million

APA 10 - $5 million

APA 9....

I'll update with all program numbers to find the final dollar needed to do as HUD Guidance of 2019 instructed the state to do.

Updating Program Costs for Economic Development and Infrastructure costs.



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