August 2019 an estimated 55 homeowners had their grants rescinded for not completing paperwork on time.
55 families, 55 homes not constructed in the state of Louisiana to replace the condemned and substantially damaged homes from the historical floods of 2016 because the homeowners were not able to find professionals in the state to do the work needed.

By Murray Wennerlund published 9-27-2019 updated 1-15-2022

August 2019 an estimated 55 homeowners in Solution 1 and Solution 2 with condemned or substantially damaged homes lost their reconstruction grants for the following reasons.

  • Did not have new home design prints.
  • Did not find a contractor to build their new home.

We have increased homelessness by 55 families because those families could not find a builder and a draftsman fast enough to satisfy the states OCD-DRU timeline so the state "RESCINDED" their grants.

If you know any of the 55 families or how to reach them please share my contact information with them. I don't care how they reach me, they just need to sit down with me and work a plan. I'll make a share post to get the word out about rescinded grants because of engineering, builders, draftsman moving slower than the state allows.

Rescinded vs Terminated...

You're not out of the fight, not by a long shot. Let's find the professionals that want to help us rebuild and let's find those that are responsible for completing tasks such as construction design blueprints and construction quotes. Not every contractor is busy, the one you need might not know you need their services. So keep looking and we'll work to get you back into the program as long as you are still eligible for grant recovery funds.