Solution 1 Reconstruction Homeowners Experience and Knowledge gained and documented version
Homeowners documenting policy and procedures of the Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Program for the great floods of 2016 have completed the next updated revision of the homeowners management guide to Solution 1 construction projects.

By Murray Wennerlund published 12-1-2018 updated 1-15-2022

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The Restore Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Program known as RLHP has specifications and guidelines for Solution 1 Reconstruction Projects covering the Great Floods of 2016 in the state of Louisiana DR-4263 and DR-4277.

Solution 1 Construction / Reconstruction homeowner experience and guide will provide information on program accepted materials and finishing's.

Your construction project is designed to be a Turn-Key solution with the current reconstruction price per square foot allowance being $108 as of 12-1-2018 for all conditioned living spaces. 

Materials for the solution 1 construction offered by the "Program" are approved based on grade and will construction will be construction will be the minimum requirements to complete your project of constructing a new home. You are allowed to exchange materials for the same quality or better if approved prior to construction by the Reconstruction Team Management of the RLHP. All painted materials will be primed first then will have two top coats applied. Door sizes will be 32 inches wide.

Section 1: Reconstruction Methods and Understanding

  1. Pre-Construction Item Check List, Scope of work
    1. Construction Management Phase of work. 
    2. FEMA approved Elevation Certificate survey, Average grade Elevation, project plot plan, final elevation certification once project is completed. (Note: once your floors are in you can schedule this work if you are within 6 months of completion.) Final elevation of the lowest conditioned space of the new construction above average average grade must be Base Flood Elevation + 2 feet. BFE+2'.
    3. Contractor will provide Builders Risk Insurance.
    4. Contractor will pay all state and local taxes on all materials.
    5. Contractor will demolish the existing structure, remove any foundations, underground utilities no longer in use, driveway if damaged, walkways or any other damaged structure that needs to be removed from the property and is within management approved scope of work.
    6. Contractor will order and install temporary power, water, and provide a portable toilet. These services will be provided and paid for by the contractor not the homeowner. 
    7. Portable Storage Units can be provided at homeowners expense unless authorized by the reconstruction team.
  2.  Construction Site Preparation for Foundation and Elevation. 
    1. Contractor is responsible for all construction site preparation to include any and all excavation, tree removal, underground unused utility lines, pipes, both fresh water and black water as well as any septic tank. All dirt and/or materials used for back filling and fill, foundations / pads, dirt work to include grading to established codes. Applying new topsoil, clay filler and other material to return property to a acceptable condition and in accordance to city and parish codes for new construction.
    2. Contractor will if building a "Slab on Grade" foundation excavate footing to design engineer plans.
    3. Contractor will build the engineered foundation and include elevation of up to three (3) feet as required by the RLHP or local municipality for elevation whichever is greater. Elevation will be a minimum amount of two (2) feet above grade. The minimum elevation amount will be made by using a pier and beam foundation type. Slab on Grade placed on compacted soil to local codes and tested will be allowed only when their is no elevation required based on RLHP  elevation determination. If local city / parish codes, sub-division or deed restrictions dictate the type of foundation that you can use and when elevation is required the contractor must submit for a review and approval by the state of Louisiana OCD-DRU using the exceptions board. A copy of the code, deed or restriction that specifies the type of foundation. The scope of work will be modified. All pier and beam foundations will be have vinyl lattice covering with a hinged access panel. If the foundation elevation is above six (6) feet the joists will be encased by a minimum of 1/2 inch CDX plywood. The columns, plywood and all sills will be painted instead of being covered by vinyl lattice.
    4. Elevation above three (3) feet has to meet engineered design standards, but will be funded based on the approved prices published in the Homeowners Policy Manual and Action Plan Amendment 9. 
    5. Driveways of up to 750/sf to include reinforcing rebar will be constructed at a minimum thickness of 5 inches. Sidewalks will be provided to the main entrance and be a minimum of 4 inches thick. 
  3. Construction Framing and Exterior
    1. Framing material will be #2 Yellow Pine.
    2. Roof sheathing will be Radiant Barrier 3/4 inch OSB.
      Shingles will be 3 tab 25 year asphalt.
      Roof underlayment will be 15 lb. felt.
      Vents will be ridge style venting with vented soffits.
      If additional venting is required by design soffit venting with ridge venting will still be required. 
    3. Fascia boards will be of wood and painted with vented vinyl or vented metal finish soffits.
    4. The front Elevation will need to have either a brick or stucco accent wall. Preferably by the front door. Brick can be either be sealed or painted with lintel over doors and windows for stability. Stucco will be applied to metal lath and offer color options.
    5. Exterior walls will have vinyl siding installed over foam board that has house wrap covering the OSB wall sheathing. 
    6. Attached carports and garages are included in the overall construction price per sqft for approved design and building plans. 
    7. Porches are optional and if included will need to be shown on approved design and build plans. 
    8. Sod will be put in place and cover a minimum of 3 feet from the exterior walls to prevent backfill and fill erosion from the foundation. 
    9. Windows are vinyl, double hung, low energy, energy star certified, and will include window screens panes that open. 
    10. Shutters will be vinyl and installed on every window. 
    11. Stairs, steps and landing will be installed at every external entry door. They will be either constructed of wood or precast with landings and railings. Railings are required for all landings over 24" above adjacent grade. 
    12. Insulation and air sealing will be in accordance with Energy Star requirements.
  4. Lighting
    1. All light fixtures will need to be LED to obtain energy star certification, and shall include lamps recommended by light fixture manufacturer.
    2. Ceiling Fans in Living Room and Bedrooms.
    3. Dome Style lights throughout the rest of the house.
    4. Fluorescent lights in the Kitchen with one recessed light over kitchen sink.
    5. Light, Heat, Vent combination and 3 light bar over each vanity sink in bathrooms.
    6. Exterior light fixtures by each exterior door. One on each side of the front door.
    7. Dining rooms and breakfast areas will have a hanging pendant light.
  5. Doors
    1. Exterior doors will be metal insulated 6-panel style, painted with hardware and matching locksets. All exterior door locksets shall be keyed alike, with unique key per each home.
    2. Interior Slab doors will be wooden, hollow core six panel style painted with hardware.
    3. Bi-fold doors will be wooden, hollow core, 3 panel per slab Painted with hardware.
    4. All doors will have 2.5-inch door casing.
    5. Attic Access will be wooden, painted, pull-down disappearing folding stair with 2.5" door trim. With an insulation Jacket above.
  6. Interior Finishing
    1. Drywall will be ½ inch finished with orange-peel texture on walls, 5/8 inch on ceilings. Water rock will be installed in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms around plumbing rough ins, sinks / vanities, showers, and toilets.
    2. Base boards will be 2.25-inch paint grade MDF
    3. Shoe Moulding will be ½ inch quarter round or ½ inch shoe moulding, paint grade pine.
    4. Flooring will be standard-grade carpet in bedrooms only and standard-grade sheet vinyl throughout the remaining areas. Must allow color options on carpet, wood-look vinyl, and tile-look vinyl. Homeowner may elect sheet vinyl in any and all rooms.
    5. Kitchen Cabinets will be standard grade, pre-finished, base and wall with hardware.
    6. Counter tops will be post-formed laminate with integral 4” back splash.
    7. Kitchen will have a double basin stainless sink with garbage disposal and faucet with sprayer.
    8. Bathroom vanity and cabinets will be pre-finished, with Cultured marble vanity top. 4 sf mirror per basin.
    9. Bathroom will have a minimum of 1 hand towel holder, one towel rod, and one toilet paper holder.
    10. Tub-shower combinations or walk-in showers will be either a 1-piece fiberglass or fiberglass tub / base with cultured marble surround. Sliding shower doors will be installed on all tub shower combos or walk in showers.
    11. Bedroom closets, and hall closets, if any,to have standard grade vinyl-coated steel wire closet rod and shelf.
    12. Pantry and linen closets to have standard complement of painted wood shelving.
  7. Appliances
    All appliances will be Energy-Star Certified. The kitchen appliance suite will be offered in the homeowners choice of white or black.
    1. Refrigerator – Amana ART348FFFW or approved equivalent.
    2. Electric Range / Amana ACR4503SFW or approved equivalent.
    3. Over Range Microwave Vent Hood Combo / Amana AMV2307PFW or approved equivalent. Range hood to be vented to exterior.
    4. Dishwasher / Amana ADB1400AGW or approved equivalent.
    5. Top Load Washer / Amana NTW4516FW or approved equivalent.
    6. Electric Dryer Vented to the exterior / Amana NED4655EW or approved equivalent.
  8. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
    1. HVAC system will be Energy-Star Certified with elevated exterior condenser pad (same level as foundation). Heat will be either electric heat or heat pump based on requirements to obtain energy star certification. Drain pan at air-handler with float-valve and overflow piped to exterior.
    2. PEX plumbing system, complete with a minimum of 2 outside freeze-proof spigots. 50-gallon water heater with drain pan piped to exterior. Standard plumbing fixtures throughout.
    3. Complete 200-amp electrical system with a minimum of 3 exterior outlets that are GFI protected.
    4. Hard-wired smoke detectors as required by applicable codes shall be provided.
  9. Energy-Star Rater / Certification
    1. Each home has to be Energy-Star Certified. The cost to obtain the certification has been built in to the pricing.
    2. Comply with Green Building Standards as described in Federal Register (FR) 5989-N-01.
  10. ADA requirements
    1. All ADA requirements will be built in as needed to meet program standards of reasonable accommodations. If the homeowner has any mobility issues, vinyl will be installed throughout the home. Walk in showers with seats will be installed for homeowners as requested. Clear floor areas as required by applicable accessibility codes shall be provided. Same goes for kitchen cabinets, outlets height, light switch height, door widths, toilet height, grab bars (include solid-wood blocking inside walls wherever grab bars are mounted), and ramps. Ramps up to 3 feet in height are included in the price of $108. Anything above 3 feet will be evaluated with the elevation costs. All bathrooms will be built with solid blocking in the walls for future needs for grab bars whether or not we are performing any other reasonable accommodations.

Provided for Homeowners in the State of Louisiana that are following their Construction Solution 1 project and require more information that is not being supplied to you directly by your case workers and construction technical advisers as well as the reconstruction teams responsible for the work flow, policy and procedures sub-contractors are to follow. 

Procedure Change Alert – Elevation Documentation Requirement
Issued: February 21, 2018
Effective: February 1, 2018
Revised: February 28, 2018
Revised: October 23, 2018
Functional Area(s): All

Elevation and elevation documentation are required in the following circumstances:

  • Properties located within the floodplain that are required to be elevated by local ordinance and the local code enforcement officials determination that a property is substantially damaged or will be substantially improved; or
  • Properties outside of the floodplain which are required to be elevated by local ordinance as part of a reconstruction (this is rare, but it does happen).
    Homeowners who have completed their repair or reconstruction projects and were required to elevate, per federal requirements, are only eligible for Program funding if he/she has elevated the property to the federally required height of two (2) feet above the Advisory Base Flood Elevation (ABFE). Homeowners in this situation will be required to prove that they have elevated to the appropriate elevation height by providing an Elevation Certificate. This applies to:
  • Homeowners inside the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) whose renovation costs constitute a Substantial Improvement, as determined by the local floodplain administrator;or
  • Homeowners inside the SFHA who have reconstructed their property.
    The Restore Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Program (RLHP) will comply with elevating homes where the local jurisdiction requires such elevation.

Solution 1: Program Managed
If a local jurisdiction is going to require the homeowner to elevate, the RLHP will be notified of the requirement when a Program Managed Contractor (PMC) obtains all necessary permits. A separate cost of elevation, when applicable, will be added to the Estimated Cost of Repairs (ECR). The RLHP will adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. If elevation is required and the home is slab on grade, the home will become a reconstruction project. Reconstruction plans will be evaluated to verify design for ABFE + 2.0’ requirement. An Elevation Certificate will be obtained to confirm proper elevation height during contractor selection.
  2. If elevation is required and the home is pier and beam, elevation costs are eligible. The RLHP would then add elevation costs as a change order, based on the local jurisdiction requirement to elevate. The RLHP would provide cost to elevate the structure to ABFE + 2.0' and notify the homeowner of the ABFE + 2.0' requirement. The RLHP would obtain an Elevation Certificate during contractor selection.