Flood Ready Workforce Development Program funded by 2016 flood grants pays for heavy equipment training.
Its not clear if you have to pay up front, complete the training then request reimbursement from the OCD-DRU who is using Homeowner grant funds to pay for the future of their coastal project labor pool. In any case, 2,000 isnt much for employment.

By Murray Wennerlund published 5-19-2022 updated 11-3-2022

The State of Louisiana Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit has once again funded a program that is self serving. 

With similar programs designed to funnel funding away from assisting homeowners with disaster repairs the state is focused on creating a labor pool for it's 50 year, 50 billion dollar effort to save the coast line of Louisiana. 

The Flood-Ready Workforce Development Program funded by Federal Taxpayer dollars via HUD CDBG-DR grants should be a simple deferment program that pays the school directly. Currently the program appears to require those interested in learning heavy equipment operation to pay for the class then by some form have the class reimbursed. In short, those unemployed that could use the training funded by HUD may not be able to enjoy the free training as much as a person that happens to be employed or has the credit available to get a $2,000 student loan. 

I'm waiting for program specifics and while I wait I'll be asking if their is a deferment payment option where I can promise to pay out of pocket only if I do not complete the training. This would be the honor system and would allow everyone from all income levels to enjoy the same opportunities. 

I'll keep you updated on the progress of the program. And maybe I will see you in class! 

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