Collecting homeowner expense to income percentages pre and post one year after the floods.
I will be presenting to the Task Force the increased or decreased costs to homeowners after the disaster. I am looking to identify any possible remaining options to assist homeowners with unmet needs based on the increased cost of living.

By Supervisor published 6-16-2018 updated 12-2-2018

I need some homeowners expense to income data for pre-flood and post flood that includes any monthly long term repayment not previously present as an expense prior to the flood. .

I don't need dollar amounts only percentages that the spreadsheet displays at the bottom next to your total income. See Image.

  • 3 months of monthly income to expense percentages prior to the flood.
  • 3 months of monthly income to expense percentages 1 year after the flood.

Use the spreadsheet linked here, it's the same one I uploaded in the files section.

If you don't have a computer and use mobile devices Android users can use WPS app or any XLSX app that works on your mobile device.

You can send your percentages via FB Msg or by using the contact page here.


This data collected will be totaled as a estimated percentage to reference any type of financial change homeowners have experience due to the flood. I plan on sending a short report to the Task Force members prior to the meeting so they are up on things before I deliver a solution to a common problem.

Spreadsheet: Living_On_Percentages_v18.7.5.xslx