State of Louisiana may be offering $85k to $100K in grants for substantially damaged manufactured homes.
Most Impacted Disaster MID areas are to see major relief for those living in manufactured homes during the 2020 and 2021 hurricane seasons.

By Murray Wennerlund published 8-20-2022 updated 8-24-2022

It's been reported that manufacture home dealers have been asked the costs of single and double wide setup and elevated. This is the first time in history that any state agency attempted to replace homes at full market price since before recording federal disaster aid back to 1953 DR-3 Floods in Louisiana. 

It's been reported to be $85,000 for single wide homes setup and elevated to BFE + 2 feet and for doublewide homes it's up over $118,000 complete no out of pocket expenses if you can find a home within the states fixed limits. 

During the 2016 floods the state agency OCD-DRU capped homes at $45,000 for single wide and $65,000 for double wide homes including all permitting and setup. This was on average roughly $30,000 below the actual costs and made it very difficult for anyone to replace their homes if they didn't have cash to cover the missing amounts. 

Let's keep on state leaders and make recovery affordable to those that lost the most.