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Published May 30 2018 updated December 15 2018 2 min. 38 seconds read
Summary at a Glance
FEMA IHP Grants for Home Repairs on MHU may sound like a good idea at first but when you apply for your HUD CDBG-DR Grant you are going to find the FEMA IHP Grant will count against you and amount to nothing in return toward your rebuilding.

HUD CDBG-DR Grants for most all disasters will no longer cover the repairs of Manufactured Homes (MHU).
In fact, here in Louisiana if you received FEMA IHP Home Repair grant funds and no matter how you used them they would be counted against you as Duplication of Benefits (DOB).

HUD does not support repairing MHU much anymore. They are replacing the MHU units.

So before you accept the FEMA IHP Grant to repair your MHU understand that FEMA has other grants and other needs assistance that can be used in the same way but not count against you when you apply to HUD CDBG-DR grants.

FEMA could give you a ONA and state it was for temporary repairs which at this time do not count against your HUD CDBG-DR funds due to the fact they are Temporary Repair Funds from FEMA.

Learn from us the best plan is not to repair your MHU until you find out what your state HUD CDBG-DR Grantee program is going to say. Most will simply replace the MHU. If you do have the IHP Grant and haven't spent it use it on your new foundation, land work, elevation, etc. Check to make sure everything you spend it on is not covered by your HUD CDBG-DR program.

We found Foundations up to 750sqft were covered so everything else wasn't DOB with the FEMA IHP Repair money.

But it's still for repairs so your foundation has to have shown damage or your blocks that elevate your home cost.

Talk to people that have experienced the MHU HUD CDBG-DR issues and came out Ok.

No one wins, it's going to cost, let's focus on keeping the costs in check.

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