FEMA Homeowner and Renter Remote Inspection Interview Questions after a Federal Declared Disaster
When you are questioned by FEMA after a disaster it might be wise to hand the phone to someone that is calm, relaxed, has fresh clothes, has had a warm meal, slept in a good bed and is not suffering traumatic shock from the disaster.

By Murray Wennerlund published 12-20-2022 updated 12-28-2022

FEMA Remote Inspection Interview.

FEMA Call Center to Disaster Survivor.

Hello, my name is [FEMA Rep.] and I am an inspector with FEMA, my inspector number is [Inspector Number] and I am trying to reach [applicant name]. I'm calling regarding the application for assistance you submitted to FEMA.

(Note: FEMA flood inspectors are required to have 5 years of continuous service.)

Due to the current conditions surrounding COVID-19 and to ensure public safety, we will need to perform your assessment by phone/video (optional by customer), and we will be discussing disaster caused damages to your dwelling, personal property, and other needs. 

This interview may take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Do you have time for this call now?

(If not, provide the applicant with your contact number and acceptable times to reach you in the next 7 days).

(Note: FEMA field inspections take a minimum of 45 minutes.)

Before I continue, I must tell you this call my be monitored for quality assurance purposes. The Privacy Act of 1974 protects your rights as to how FEMA uses and shares your information. The Stafford Act and other authorities allow FEMA to collect this information to determine eligibility and administer financial assistance as a result of an Emergency or Presidentially declared disaster. The information I collect may be shared with Federal, State and Local service providers to help find additional assistance for your household's disaster recovery needs. A FEMA qualified control inspector may contact you to discuss your damage and may view the exterior of your home. You are not required to complete this inspection. However, if you do not complete your inspection, you may not [be] eligible for assistance with your home repairs. The information that you give must be true and correct. Intentionally making false statements or concealing any information to obtain disaster aid is a violation of federal and state laws. 

Do you understand this statement?

(Applicants who do not understand or answer no, return the inspection as Withdrawn)

Because of the Privacy Act, I need to ask you a question in order to verify that I am speaking to the right person. Can you please provide me with the last four digits of your 9-digit FEMA assistance application number ... also known as the registration number?

(If not verified, ask the applicant to call FEMA's Helpline at 1-800-621-3362 (FEMA) to obtain their Registration ID, and once obtained, to call or text you for the interview to be conducted).

Thank you for confirming and to validate that I am representing FEMA and authorized to conduct this interview. I will provide you with the first four digits of your 9-digit registration number (provide the first 4 digits of their Registration number).

Once verified, proceed to the Questions Tab

Use the following statement for applicants who do not answer calls, or for use when texting an interview appointment.

"This is [name], an inspector with FEMA. I'm contacting you regarding your application for FEMA assistance. Please call me at..."

[END Read This First Tab]

Next tab is Questions which will be skipped for now. 

ACE IV App Info Screen is used to confirm applicants personal information. 

ACI IV Home Info Screen confirms owner / renter verification ID and insurances.

ACE IV Losses and Expenses Screen verifies Medical, Dental, Funeral, Moving and Storage, Clothing, Work and School and other eligible purchases. 

Remote Inspection Interview starts now. 

Following are Yes or No answers. 

  1. Is your home in an immediate threat of a landslide or mudslide?
  2. Is there any disaster caused damage to an exterior heating or cooling element, such as a condenser or heat pump, leaving it broken or non-functioning?
  3. Did your home's well receive damage and is now inoperable?
  4. Did your home's septic system receive damage and is now inoperable?
  5. Were their damages to your home's driveway or personally owned road requiring repairs or debris removed to make it passable?
  6. Does your home have an accessibility ramp for a household member to enter the home and was it damaged by the disaster?

Interview Questions to Determine Level of Damage.

  1. Is the home in which you have requested assistance your primary residence, one in which you reside for 6 months or more during the year?
  2. Do you Own or Rent?
  3. Have you been back to your home since the event?
  4. What type of home do you reside in?
  5. Does the home have a basement? (If yes, continue additional question)
    1. Did ANY flood water enter your home or crawlspace?

Walkthrough of Remote Inspection Job Aid

  • Damage Level selections are based on applicant responses, confirming their type of home, foundation, and cause of damage.
  • Home Repair damage levels have been developed taking into consideration the home type, foundation type, cause of damage and existing Real Property line items that are usually recorded from historical events. 
  • Damage level prices are derived from millions of inspections conducted throughout the Nation. Actual awards amounts are based on pricing for the existing line item quantities associated with each damage level and cause of damage. 
  • The manner providers for the delivery of equitable Real Property awards in conjunction with R.S. Means pricing, adjusted annually by the Consumer Price Index, and geographical locations at the county level. 

End if basic remote inspection interview for homeowners and renters. 

The Housing Inspection Services (HIS) mission is to support, facilitate, and coordinate the delivery of IHP grants with information sharing and problem solving, in collaboration with the IA division. 

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Helping People Before, During, And After Disasters. 

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