How to complete your Manufactured Home Substantial Damage Estimate.
Step 2 is to enter the correct data the first time and with your FEMA NFIP Community Rating System Floodplain Managers in mind. You dont want them to reject your file for missing data. The data is collected and reviewed by the person creating the report.

By Murray Wennerlund published 1-10-2023 updated 1-10-2023

Part 2 of 5 regarding: "How to file your Manufactured Homes Substantial Damage Estimate Report to your Parish or City Floodplain Managers."

Part 2. How to complete your Manufactured Home Substantial Damage Estimate.

After completing part 1 The data needed for your Manufactured Home Substantial Damage Estimate report. you are now ready for Part 2 of the process. 

Note: Most of the reports data fields and information is self-explanatory. I will focus on only fields that require third-party methods of information lookup.

Step 1: Open the Substantial Damage Estimator (SDE) Tool from FEMA.

Locate the main menu: “Main Menu, File, Tools, Custom Fields, Database Functions, Import/Export, Reports, Help.

  • Tap on “Main Menu”
  • Tap on “Enter Default Data”
  • Address / Structure Information
    • Year of construction: (Found on Title, Label Placard, Data Plate all inside a kitchen cabinet or in your electrical box. VIN or Serial can be the same number and will be located on the foremost cross member of the metal support beams under the home. The letters will be 3/8in or larger in size. These will not be located on the hitch or drawbar assembly and will not be stamped.) More information at IBTS.
    • Datum enter: NAVD 1988
    • Cost Information: $0.00
  • Inspector / Damage Information:
    • Date Damage Occurred: The date the disaster hit your property. If you do not remember the storms date use the FEMA data from the DR page found here.
    • Cause of Damage: Collect this data from your property. Wind, Flood, Fire, Flood+Wind, etc.
    • Duration of Flood: If flood damage occurred how many hours was the flood water in your home over your lowest floor.
    • Geographical Adjustment:
    • Cost Data Date: Date when additional costs were added to determine value.
    • Inspector Name: is who actually did the inspection if unknown enter homeowners name.
    • Inspector Phone: if known otherwise homeowners phone.
    • Assessment Date:
    • Cost Data Reference: