Follow Elevation Standards from HUD not from FEMA or your local zoning unless they exceed HUD standards


Its not to often you will read, Follow HUD standards. Most of us that have been in a disaster know HUD standards are low quality and economical grade. But when it comes to flood elevation requirements they are often the best numbers to use.

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4. Elevation Standards

The elevation standards outlined below will apply to new construction, repair of substantial damage, or substantial improvement of structures located in an area delineated as a flood hazard area.

> All structures designed principally for residential use and located in the 1 percent annual (or 100- year) floodplain that receive assistance for new construction, repair of substantial damage, or substantial improvement must be elevated with the lowest floor, including the basement, at least two feet above the 1 percent annual floodplain elevation.

> Residential structures with no dwelling units and no residents below two feet above the 1 percent annual floodplain must be elevated or flood-proofed, in accordance with FEMA flood-proofing standards, to at least two feet above the 1 percent annual floodplain.

> All Critical Actions (defined as any activity for which even a slight chance of flooding would be too great because such flooding might result in loss of life, injury to persons, or damage to property) within the 0.2 percent annual floodplain (or 500-year) must be elevated or flood-proofed (in accordance with FEMA standards) to the higher of the 0.2 percent annual floodplain flood elevation or three feet above the 1 percent annual floodplain. If the 0.2 percent annual floodplain or elevation is unavailable for Critical Actions, and the structure is in the 1 percent annual floodplain, then the structure must be elevated or flood-proofed at least three feet above the 1 percent annual floodplain level.

Applicable state and local codes and standards for floodplain management that exceed these requirements, including elevation, setbacks, and cumulative substantial damage requirements, will be followed.

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FEMA Trailer and MHU program ends 18 months after a disaster declaration date.

Your states governor will need to submit to FEMA an extension for the temporary shelters. The extension will come at a price which your governor may pay for out of state funds or charge the occupants based on income or a flat monthly fee typically 50.00.

by Murray Wennerlund published 1/10/2022 updated 1-11-2022 4 min. 0 seconds read

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FEMA Appeal Process Information the additional information found within your application.

The appeal process I posted years ago is still valid. I am adding this additional information after Hurricane Ida in 2021 which is located online in your application to FEMA. Look to my other resource for a sample of the appeals letter.

by Murray Wennerlund published 9/20/2021 updated 12-31-2021 10 min. 48 seconds read

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Where can I find the online Operation Blue Roof application form? Not at

Its not unusual to not find the online registration form for Operation Blue Roof provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Its also not unusual to not find a local signup location. Let me share with you what I found Sept. 9, 2021 for your Blue Roof.

by Murray Wennerlund published 9/9/2021 2 min. 1 seconds read

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Will FEMA reimburse me for buying a chainsaw or a generator? Maybe, but most likely no.

Read all warning labels: FEMA News and Press Releases may not be as they seem. They will not link policy or training. Statements made in press releases to be true have to be backed up with official policy documents and / or Federal Register publications.

by Murray Wennerlund published 9/8/2021 updated 12-9-2021 11 min. 47 seconds read

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Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) Program from FEMA

FEMA on Sept. 2, 2021 has activated the Transitional Sheltering Assistance TSA program that will provide temporary housing for those who have been displaced by Hurricane Ida. This program only pays for the Room and the Taxes on the room and nothing more

by Murray Wennerlund published 9/7/2021 3 min. 36 seconds read

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What you will find on your substantial damage letter generated by FEMA Substantial Damage Estimator software

A detailed look at what you will find on your FEMA Substantial Damage Estimator SDE output. For more details about each section I recommend that you read the SDE 3.0 User Manual and Field Workbook published by FEMA for the SDE software.

by Murray Wennerlund published 5/2/2021 1 min. 6 seconds read

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FEMA's Disaster Sequence of Events

What we need to assist more disaster victims is this flowchart for Federal Assistance. FEMA to HUD / SBA Flowchart for a more balanced recovery process based on ability to take additional household debt.

by Murray Wennerlund published 4/27/2021 2 min. 10 seconds read

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How to Appeal Substantial Damage assessments conducted by FEMA or your municipality.

Substantial Damage determinations at times can cause additional disaster debt burden beyond what the homeowner can financially manage. When we need to contest or appeal the substantial damage report we need to follow federal and your municipality policy.

by Murray Wennerlund published 4/24/2021 updated 5-3-2021 12 min. 18 seconds read

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Livingston Parish RE: Notification of Substantial Damage and NFIP Non-Compliance

FEMA Substantial Damage notice dated April 19, 2021 and sent by the Livingston Parish LOHSEP to homeowners. It is estimated that more than 3,800 homeowners have been requested to follow the FEMA mitigation policies that should have been processed in 2016

by Murray Wennerlund published 4/23/2021 updated 12-31-2021 6 min. 29 seconds read

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Renters Can Apply for FEMA Assistance

Renters, your FEMA assistance is called Individual Assistance or IA. FEMA can and should offer you grants to replace some of the items you have lost. This is not a substitute for renters insurance and this is not going to make you whole again.

by Murray Wennerlund published 2/21/2021 updated 4-25-2021 5 min. 31 seconds read

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