SBA Repayment amounts not based on SBA loan amount.
The state always will lesser when it comes to assisting its citizens after a disaster. But when the state needs to funding, lesser is not the word I would use.

By Murray Wennerlund published 11-2-2022 updated 11-2-2022
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If you are unaware of the states math practices just keep in mind the word "Lesser" is your multiplier.

  • Reimbursements
    This is paid in full and based on Restore contractors inspection.
  • Repairs
    This is paid by what Restore inspectors estimate your repair costs will be. This is done with the software Xactimate set for "Economy" costs.

    If your SBA loan is more than the Reimbursements and Repairs combined you will need to provide contracts, invoices, receipts to show your costs were greater than the states estimates. If you can not provide proof of added expense the program will pay the lesser of the costs for repair. This is typically what the state estimates your repair costs to be.

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