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Published August 2 2019 updated August 2 2019 1 min. 7 seconds read
Summary at a Glance
You might find it difficult finding a contractor these days with all the RoboCalls and Spam they get from registering their businesses with contact email addresses, phone numbers and such. Follow our experiences in Louisiana trying get a price quote.
How to tell a contractor isn't listening to you?
  1. The Salesperson for the contractor sends you a price $89,780 over what you told them your budget was. (Budget was and still is, $401,00.00)
  2. Salesperson sends you a different foundation design quote from what your engineer said and would approve. (Post Tension Slab with Column)
  3. The Salesperson offers you 9' elevation when you specifically said you didn't want to elevate past 6.5'. 
  4. The salesperson insults your drawings of your design and says they can't read the prints because the lines are too light. This was presented at the time they made the offer. You might have thought a person would ask for better printed design plans if they really were interested in reading them.
  • 4,173 /sf under roof = $117.37 per sqft
  • 2,799 /sf living space = $174.98 per sqft
Clara said, "Let's move on to the next builder that might have listening skills."
We did our research on the costs for building a Craftsman Cottage. $174.98/sf you say? That's not even close to national building costs let alone for our zones.

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