• Image-1: Custom 2856sqft elevated Cottage home. We need our home to be built by a skilled trade professional.
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    Custom 2856sqft elevated Cottage home. We need our home to be built by a skilled trade professional.

    Large 2,856 sqft cottage style elevated home with center courtyard garden entrance. Full covered elevated porches front and rear.

  • Basics / Overview:

    • 2 large bedrooms (18'x12' 216/sf) with walk-in closet (3.5'x6' 21/sf) and private bathrooms (9'x6' 54/sf)
    • 2 standard size bedrooms ( 10' x 14' 140/sf)
    • 2 common bathrooms ( 9' x 6' 54/sf)
    • 2 Office / Study rooms ( 10' x 14' 140/sf)
    • 1 Kitchen (16'x18' 288/sf)
    • 1 Family / Dining room (14.5'x13.5' 196/sf)
    • 1 Living / Entertainment room (14.5'x37' 536.5/sf)
    • 2 Walk-up attic entrances (36" wide standard)
    • 2 Attic Storage Areas with Mechanical / HVAC (16'x35' 560/sf)
    • 4 Porches elevated ( 10'x36' 360/sf each)
    • 1 Front entrance with 36" wide concrete cast steps on metal stringers stairs via garden entrance
    • 2 Rear entrance stairs made of concrete steps and metal stringers

    Design images include room dimensions see below for 60+ images of project.


    • Footer with Grade Beam and pilings if engineering requires based on Geotechnical report.
      • Shallow / Spread footing or Mat / Raft Foundation type designed with column load supported by geotechnical soil analysis data.
      • Building column loads must be documented and approved by civil engineer with official stamp.
    • Columns minimum 12" sq rebar with concrete fill
    • Ties, hangers and anchors in columns, footers, framing
    • Engineered joists as per design or Dimensional lumber build depends on cost and engineers recommendation with homeowner.
    • Sub-floor engineered panels tongue and grove minimum 7/8 screwed / glued
    • Exterior / Interior supporting walls 2x6x10' 16" oc (24" oc per engineering optional)
    • Sheathing preferred Plywood over OSB for roofing and near edge exposure minimum 1/2".
    • Closet framing 2x4x10'
    • Double plate header.
    • Lightweight framing for less thermal conductivity and Thermal Bridging.

    Old Structure:

    • Demolished and hauled away.
    • 2,865 sf concrete slab with brick veneer siding.
    • View old structure images (updating)


    • Two units split equally.
    • Dehumidifier
    • Air Purified / Mix with external outside filtered and dehumidified air.


    Following ENERGY STAR Certified Home standards.

    • 2x6 walls R-19 to R-22
    • Sub-floor platform R-22
    • Ceiling / Attic R-30

    Dimensions Basic:

    • Height: Grade to Ridge: 30' 10"
    • Square Footage Conditioned Living Space: 2,856/sf
    • Under Beam: 4837.7/sf


    We would prefer to work with civil engineers you have worked with in the past for our elevated foundation. A Licensed Civil Engineers stamp on design is required.

    • Land Survey / Border Markings (Krebs) completed.
    • Elevation Certificate (E2C) completed.
    • Geotechnical engineering (APS Engineering) in draft, waiting for builders civil engineers questions to finalize report and to match foundation design.

    Design Structural:

    We have designed our home and have used 3D modeling tools which are available to all via the internet. We also have been told that AutoCAD will import our SKP files (Google SketchUp). The 3D design is not required for our final drawings. Standard design guides are all that is expected.

    Design Finishing Exterior / Interior:

    We have basic material, color, designs for all exterior features and have a few for the interior. A list of items will be provided as we finalize our likes. Your team will will have the responsibility of showing what new custom and new design features the market is sharing.

    Design Images / Design Pictures: (Images are in the Images section near the bottom)

    • 11.jpg Front view of design. Pilings and grade beam optional. Wide footings required.
    • 12.jpg thru 75.jpg are our custom designs with all dimensions. If you need specific details on any component or design segment please contact us for more details and clarity.
    • 81.jpg and 82.jpg details the exterior siding and color scheme.
    • 86.jpg - A28.jpg flooring and wall styles
    • 99.jpg kitchen style, color, cabinet types, countertops.
    • A1.jpg thru A5.jpg are pantry ideas, must have fixed shelving with modern hardware for slide outs.
    • A6.jpg thru A15.jpg closets designed for bedrooms and closet attic.
    • A20.jpg this may be covered with our recovered wood from the old home. Still not clear on the functional design but will have it completed before contract signing.
    • A21.jpg mud room / main entrance walls and floors. Same type of tile and design for both secondary doors to patios.
    • A24.jpg and A26.jpg secondary bathroom design idea. Half tile from floor, mirrors and lighting to be higher than normal for tall homeowners. Longer mirrors will be needed but design is a good start.
    • A25.jpg secondary bathroom vanity design types.
    • A38.jpg - A39.jpg possible kitchen to dining area divider using old wood.
    • A40.jpg - A45.jpg kitchen appliance type and style.
    • A46.jpg - A49.jpg Sink ideas and design type.


    • Two 50 gallon hot water heaters, mounted in attic.
    • Center drain in mud room.
    • Standard fixtures and plumbing throughout.


    • Smartcore Naturals 5-in Hot Springs Hickory Engineered Hardwood Flooring. Installed all rooms except mud room, bathrooms. Example Lowes 1051342 Image A50.jpg

    Notes / Contract Requirements:

    Documents Attached include Full 3D Design plans created with Google SketchUp.

    Final plans will be professionally completed.

    Changes must be agreed to by all concerned parties.

    We follow quiet hours between 9PM and 7AM Monday - Friday and 9PM to 9AM on Saturday. No Sunday's.

    Skilled Labor, Tradesman, Craftsman only.

    • All IRC-2015 building codes will be adhered to and enforced by all working on the project or overseeing the project.
    • This project is an Energy Star Certified Home standard project.

    To reduce classification errors based on state law of employees to contractors all workers should be W2 employees to their respective companies working as sub-contractors.

    1099 contractors that are required by the state to carry licenses and insurances will leave a copy of both at the job site for inspection at anytime.

    We support Licensed, Insured, Construction companies listed on the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors website.
    We support Companies Active and in Good Standings with our Secretary of State.
    We support People First, Profits Second W2 Employed Workforce companies. (Louisiana Workforce Commission)
    We support E-Verify employers and employees.
    We support Veteran Owned and Managed businesses.
    We support the "Right to Work"

    • For communications, work instructions, quality and safety reasons at all times the work site language will be American English. If non American English speaking and/or reading workers are on site the employer / sub-contractor will provide a translator for the workers on site to confirm the reading and understanding of all of plans, amendments, special instructions, safety briefings, and change orders by permitted licensed contractor and / or homeowner and homeowners appointed representatives.

    Absolutely NO Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Firearms or any type of Weapon on the property.

    Payment Schedule / Progress Inspections / Build Review

    We are estimating a 5 part payment draw schedule that will be coordinated with a progress inspection and build review. Progress inspections are based on Xactimate percentages used by insurance adjusters. Build Review is to identify any building defects, not within IRC building codes 2015 or not as in design. Quality and workmanship are priorities and at each inspection phase any and all concerns will be addressed.

    Schedules, Timelines, Estimated Start and Completion dates.

    Weather Delays are expected, rainy weather vs. stormy weather will be identified by the presence of lightening, thunderhead clouds or any severe weather watch or warning for the area.

    Timelines will be discussed and documented prior to contract signing.
    Work shall start no later than 180 days from date of signing.
    Schedules and penalties for not meeting agreed goals, timelines and inspection dates will result in a penalty to which the homeowner and permit contractor agree it fair to both parties.
    Timelines will include:

    • Estimated date of completion of each inspection phase.
    • Estimated date of completion of the total building project. (Concludes with final inspections and 14 day review after inspection date.)
    • Schedule and penalty clause will be attached to primary contract and to each sub-contractors contract agreement between main contractor.

    Skilled Trades / Craftsman:

    • At all times during the construction a skilled trained tradesman or craftsman will be onsite. At no time will any day labor or unskilled labor be left alone on the job site to work.
    • We prefer that your tradesman / craftsman be W2 employees of the permitted contractor or the first Tier sub-contractor.
    • All tiered sub-contractors will be listed on the main permit for the project.
    • All Specialty Licensed Contractors will be listed on the main permit under their respective duties and license designations.

    List of all Sub-Contractors to include licenses, insurance, workers training, trades e-verified W2 assigned to sub-contractors or identified as day labor covered by sub-contractors general liability insurance.

    Engineering and Determinations by city planners.

    R401.4 Soil Tests
    R401.4.1 Geotechnical Evaluation

    CLASS OF MATERIAL: Clay, sandy, silty clay, clayey silt, silt and sandy siltclay (CL, ML, MH and CH) 1,500 psf (b)
    b. Where the building official determines that in-place soils with an allowable bearing capacity of less than 1,500 psf are likely to be present at the site, the allowable bearing capacity shall be determined by a soils investigation.

    LOAD-BEARING PRESSURE (pounds per square foot) per planners office 1,500 psf

    Actual GeoTechnical Soil Analysis and foundation recommendations have been collected.
    Depending on the type of foundation your engineer is recommending we can make an inquiry to our Geo Engineering firm for their feedback.

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