Two unemployment programs that the state of Louisiana Workforce should launch.
Short-Time Compensation and Partial Unemployment Insurance assistance. Federally funded American Rescue Act Plan of 2021 that could strength local economy while building back the labor force at a manageable and economically based pace.

By Murray Wennerlund published 5-11-2021 updated 5-11-2021

Two programs that the state of Louisiana Workforce should launch.
These two programs would help more than just the service industries, restaurant and bars.
Example: A person who was earning $75,000 annually employed is allowed up to $247 per week plus $400 in PUA in which the state earns 15% + $100 making the maximum for any unemployed worker in state of Louisiana $547 per week.
That same worker who took less than part-time (20hr) employment at less wage is earning $400 per week. The state allows a $50 earnings deductible which brings the figure to $350. Because this worker makes $350 in adjusted income and that is $103 over the maximum allowable earnings. This worker is losing $147 per week working a partial (less than part-time) job when compared to not working at all. (Ending Sept. 6, 2021)
1. "Short-Time Compensation: Short-time compensation was designed to help prevent layoffs by allowing workers to remain employed at reduced hours and still collect a portion of their UI benefits. But it can also be used to help employers rehire their already laid off workers. If an employer brings a laid-off employee back part-time and participates in the short-time compensation program, that worker will receive pro-rated UI benefits to help cover reduced compensation for not working full time, as well as the $300 weekly supplement until that supplement expires September 6th."
2. "Partial UI: Another overlooked option for helping employers ramp up is the partial UI program, which allows workers to return to work at a new employer at reduced hours while still receiving some unemployment benefits. This is a good option for workers who may not qualify for short-time compensation because they are not returning to their previous employer. States can enhance the capacity of partial UI by raising the income threshold where workers can both work and receive some UI benefits, and the Department of Labor will be encouraging states to do so."
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