Read Successful Rebuilding efforts after your flood not political garbage
When I read that the Mayor of Denham Springs was speaking with politicians in Texas about what Denham Springs did after the storm I thought it was interesting that anyone would listen to a Mayor of a city that is failing more than every after.

By Writers Pool published 4-18-2018 updated 8-19-2022

Texas Flood Victims.

Be aware that the Mayor of Denham Springs is not 100% a man of his word and will focus on Business recovery long before homeowner recovery.

Politicians and our Mayor will blow smoke up your rear to the point you have to smile. The Denham Strong was just one more way to have a friend of a friend employed as a government employee.

Ask the one question that was the NUMBER ONE ISSUE.


Not one of our lazy city streets people have address the issue for decades. Before the flood we had complaints filed with the city about flooding when it rained 2 inches. They did nothing and still do nothing.

Now they say anything to shut you up and do nothing but post "Feel Good News" from the business district that was over funded for repairs. From Federal Loans, historical district funds all for second hand furniture resellers they call antique dealers.

Learn the truth and follow your local politicians down the same bullshit path. It only gets worse with time after the flood.

Blight is a big issue which they (City of Denham Springs) have no city codes to handle and will nto make any. It's a mess and a joke when you think the Mayor of Denham Springs will do anything he says he will do.

Read the facts, unemployment nearly the highest in the state, as well as the highest poverty rates at 26% of the population within the city limits.

You think this is good leadership?