You wait for someone else to speak. You think your congressional representatives will focus on your issues.
Do you think by not speaking with your congressional representatives disaster recovery assistance will just magically be created? Do you think our dysfunctional parties then your disaster recovery in mind? Learn the American Political Process and speak.

By Murray Wennerlund published 8-6-2020 updated 8-6-2020

You have now seen first hand just how Washington D.C. handles a disaster. The "Business as Usual" approach the House of Representatives and Senate take is what millions have to endure after every disaster. 

Now that the nation is involved in the pandemic disaster you would think the parties in power would work smarter and faster together. That's not happening and isn't going to ever happen for one simple reason. 

American's are not demanding their congressional representatives to keep working and find a solution that is proactive and not reactive. 

We have had months of time to give feedback, we are allowing representatives to make our disaster their talking points for up coming elections. 

We have been given the right as a nation to provide comment on how our country is handling the disaster. We have nearly the same percentage of disaster victims making comments over the pandemic as we would have over a flood or hurricane. In Louisiana, policy changes came with 3 to 6 comments that impacted more than 50,000. In our pandemic we are seeing 3 to 10,000 with most being from the banking industry over the PPP. With 10's of millions impacted by the disaster we have less people involved with the Disaster Recovery Process. This has to change and change now or we'll be facing issues we have never seen before and with our current management we'll fail if we continue to allow those that seem to think fighting as a party member is more important than assisting households and businesses impacted by the disaster. 


  1. Attempt to create a financial plan that covers Sept. 2020 to Sept. 2021.

  2. Communicate with your federal representatives and state officials any needs you might have to create a balanced survival budget.

  3. Tell your federal, state and local elected officials to create public town hall meetings to discuss your long term disaster recovery needs.

  4. Tell your elected officials that the "Thoughts and Prayers" approach of disaster recovery and disaster relief doesn't balance the books.
    (My Governor and US Senators GoTo speech line.)

  5. You can search as I do for topics that impact you and your family. Use your right to speak to your congressional representatives and tell them what you need to survive this disaster. 

I'm concerned when I see congressional representatives posting:
"We've got to come up with solutions as PPP comes to a close and unemployment benefits end. The bills done so far have bought us time, but we need to now focus on long term recovery. We are going to have to tailor future relief to present circumstances to help our economy recover." (Congressman Graves 6-24-2020)
I would like a few of you to read over the report I have linked and look back at what our country has done during slow economic growth periods and find possible solutions that would secure long term disaster recovery processes with intermittent stimulus injections.

What proposals would you make to secure your future during the 2020 / 2021 declared pandemic?