Group Advocacy Request Disaster Recovery meeting with Rep. Ryan Bourriaque House Select Committee DR


By Murray Wennerlund published 10-17-2019 updated 5-11-2021
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We need your assistance and advocacy in getting the word to the House Select Committee on Disaster Recovery managed by Ryan Joseph Bourriaque a State Representative, Republican for District 47. We you have time would you call, email or both for us in LA.

Group Advocacy Request Disaster Recovery.

We have a very quiet almost unknown House Select Committee on Disaster Recovery managed by Ryan Joseph Bourriaque a State Representative, Republican for District 47.

I need to discuss with him your issues related to state policy and procedures and HUD policy and national objectives.

I need your voices to get me in front of the state representative that holds the only seat related to disaster recovery. He has the authority to create a task force sub-committee and oversight committee which could be beneficial to those still struggling with the Restore Program.

You can help by emailing and calling State Rep. Ryan Bourriaque. I have provided the email addresses and your script which can also be your phone script as well.

<<< CALL (337) 893-5035 >>>

<<<< START EMAIL >>>>>



SUBJECT: House Select Committee on Disaster Recovery


RE: - Meeting Request between Murray Wennerlund and Rep. Ryan Bourriaque

Dear State Representative Ryan Bourriaque,

I respectfully request that you reach out to Mr. Wennerlund and arrange a meeting at your earliest convenience.

I have selected Mr. Wennerlund to speak on my behalf regarding specific processes and procedures created by the state of Louisiana Office of Community Development, Disaster Recovery Unit, the Governors Disaster Recovery Team and the management of the Restore Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Program. I feel Mr. Wennerlund can represent my interests and convey my concerns to you.

[City State Zip]
[Phone Optional]

<<<< END EMAIL >>>>>

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