Time to launch our own Public Outreach and Awareness Media Campaign!
We have been very silent for many years and worked the best we could with state agencies and department heads to resolve issues within the disaster programs managed by local and state government. Things have now changed and require more proactive efforts.

By Murray Wennerlund published 10-1-2019 updated 1-11-2022

We need members and visitors like you to ask your disaster recovery questions that we will make sure every state representative gets delivered to their email inbox.

All emails are sent on behalf of "TruckAndTools.Com" and that name will appear in the email so you know your voice is echoed by Murray Wennerlund founder of TruckAndTools.Com. 

We want your message written and if at all possible video recorded so our state officials have something to watch and listen to before they end their session. 

We'll be presenting your questions, videos, audio to every state director, every state representative, senator, parish (county) president, city mayor, HUD official and media outlet we can get an email address for. 

We want you to ask a question about your disaster recovery and we want your question directed at state leaders. 

We will be including Federal Agencies as well as State Agency directors so we keep with our "Open and Transparent" theme and promise. 

To submit your videos please include the words VIDEO QUESTION in the subject line and send it to us using this email address: archive@LouisianaRecoveryAuthority.org 

Please limit or edit your video questions to one question per video snip. Be sure they are less than 10 seconds in length, shorter is better. Speak clearly, show a background that adds to your question. All videos will be reviewed before publishing. Include the following with each email question you submit: 

  • First and Last Name.
  • Street address, city, state and zip code at time of disaster.
  • Indicate if you would like your full name or part of your name listed with your public post.  
    • Optional information: 
    • Telephone number
    • Disaster Relief or Disaster Recovery Number published by FEMA. (example: DR-4277)


Your privacy is very important to us and the NSA as well. We want to make sure you understand that we will not include your full name and only use your first name if you do not indicate in your email.

We need information to validate your questions, some state representatives will not take questions from individuals even if they are assigned to a task force from anyone out of their district. We are aware of several in the state of Louisiana and make special efforts to send them the required amount of zip code confirmed questions. 

Videos you send to us will become for copyright enforcement our property at TruckAndTools.Com. You can at anytime ask us via email to remove your video and allow us to use your transcript as an anonymous poster if that is acceptable to you. 

Your videos and questions will be published in the "Road Traveled" section of our website. 

Thank you for your trust and your advocacy work.