Historical 2016 Floods Public Outreach and Awareness News directly from flood victims!
You have been busy with all your duties and responsibilities, we get it. Flood Victims of the 2016 floods just what to bring your attention to one simple fact. We are still working our disaster recovery as best we can with what we are are offered.

By Murray Wennerlund published 9-26-2019 updated 1-15-2022

We all remember the floods of 2016 and many are reminded daily of the flood from the windows of their RV's and Campers in the driveways.

Several hundred 2016 and 2017 disaster victims have been informed that many of you are unaware of our daily struggle to rebuild and return to our houses.

We number in the thousands but are losing Louisiana homeowners daily in the recovery programs. As time passes and more restrictions, deadlines, processes are placed in front of homeowners many are just dropping out of the program because of the difficulty to navigate the every changing bureaucracy the state OCD-DRU places in front of every homeowner.

Here are just a few of the most common questions homeowners and citizens of the state of Louisiana ask. 

  1. Why are the people above 120% average median income (AMI) being discriminated against? There was no 120% AMI rule for people that received HUD CDBG-DR (Restore LA) grant money in 2016.
  2. Why do those of us above the 120 percent AMI threshold have to prove that we are broke and hurting as a result of SBA loan?
    (Hardship Requirement for >120% AMI community)
  3. Why can't I get mortgage assistance as stated in the HUD guidelines? We lived outside our home in deplorable conditions for 6 months after the flood all the while paying a mortgage on a house that was uninhabitable.