After 3 years do you believe IEM Inc leadership in Disaster Recovery is focused on the disaster victims?
Questioning leaders and their roles when they touch our lives is what we Americans do. We typically dont say anything until it directly impacts our lives or or families lives. When it does we need to combine our voices to a single loud roar for change.

By Murray Wennerlund published 9-17-2019 updated 11-3-2022

After 3 years do you believe IEM Inc leadership and it's sub-contractors worked with your best interests in mind?

Press Release BATON ROUGE, LA, July 6, 2017 "The IEM team, under the leadership of Jon Mabry, is the best team to restore Louisiana's housing in the wake of the Great Floods of 2016. Our team has successfully led program management for four of the six largest housing recovery programs in the Nation," said IEM's CEO and President, Madhu Beriwal.

"We are honored to serve homeowners and the State, and help them in their recovery." IEM team members are a mix of Louisiana-based firms and national powerhouses, including:

  • AIMS Group, Inc.
  • Baker Donelson
  • BBR Creative
  • Bruno &; Bruno, LLP
  • Civil Solutions Consulting Group, Inc.
  • CORE Construction Services
  • Crawford &; Company
  • Denmon Engineering
  • Design Build Consultants, Inc.
  • Emergent Method
  • Finback 670, Inc.
  • Materials Management Group, Inc.
  • Pan American Engineers
  • Postlethwaite &; Netterville
  • Providence Engineering
  • PWR, LLC
  • Ramboll Environ, Inc.
  • Ratcliff Construction Company, LLC
  • Resilient Strategies Group, LLC
  • Roy Anderson Corp
  • Sparkhound
  • Team Title
  • Tetra Tech
  • Waggoner Engineering
  • WTAA Engineers

and more." 

As a disaster victim you might not know these company names but you may have worked with someone hired or employed by one of these companies. We want to learn from your experiences and share your experiences with the people of the companies that work for IEM Inc. that manages your disaster recovery for your state. 

Your state leaders, from the Governor on down agreed to hire these companies to do one job, to assist the state with disaster recovery with the main goal of distributing federal disaster funds as quickly as possible to those in the most impacted areas to those with the greatest needs.

Do your part, share your experience you have had with each of the listed companies. As more companies are hired and fired this list will change. Ask the people you are working with who hired them, who's their employer, who signs their checks, if they are a W2 employee or a contract hire. If you don't get an answer, simply ask for their first and last name, send it to us and we'll answer the question for them. 

You must know and understand the role of each company, employee, contractor you work with before work starts. You need to know who's entering your home, who's responsible for your grant money, who's responsible for educating you on the disaster recovery process. 

Do your part and share who in the Disaster Recovery Industry Food Chain is responsible for your state managed federal tax payer sponsored disaster recovery.  


(Updates and reviews to follow)