Louisiana Disaster Victims 2016 Floods are requesting Data Feed information from SBA as it may contain errors
The SBA data feed which is used by the State of Louisiana Office of Community Development to determine duplication of benefits may contain inaccurate information that is penalizing homeowners thousands of dollars and may disqualify them from HUD Grants.

By Murray Wennerlund published 7-14-2018 updated 7-14-2018

The SBA has what they call a Data Feed that shares information about you with other federal, state, contractors that watch for the Duplication of Benefits.

SBA Disaster Assistance

SBA Public Email: disastercustomerservice@sba.gov 

I am asking you to request information about how your data feed is displayed to the state of Louisiana.

For our Missouri, Texas and Florida people just change the state to match your state. Missouri OCD has visited the data page I posted for our state so they know what to expect from you. (Get this data feed issue cleared up)

There are two ways this will go without doubt.

1. I am 100% wrong and I will then apologize publicly to the SBA.

2. I am 100% correct with my data findings and we clear up every SBA issue that covers those that did not take the full SBA loan.

SBA Email: disastercustomerservice@sba.gov


Information Request FEMA Account No: [FEMA ACCOUNT NUMBER]


I [FULL NAME AS REISTERED WITH FEMA] FEMA account number is [ENTER FEMA NUMBER] respectfully request a copy of all data feed information that was collected by the SBA and contains certain data which may be useful to states, territories, tribes, and local government jurisdictions and voluntary agencies in developing or updating various plans, including but not limited to response, recovery or mitigation plans and/or identifying a duplication of benefits (DOB) when administering their disaster assistance programs.

The Data was shared with the State of Louisiana Governors Office, the State of Louisiana Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit, the State of Louisiana CDBG-DR Program to include program titled Restore Louisiana Homeowners Assistance, it's Grantee, Sub-recipients, contractors and sub-contractors named and un-named to include IEM Inc of North Carolina.

Specific Information detailed below.

Please replace Data Field Identifier with actual shared data.
* and Bold Italics indicate required data for this request.

Application Information

SBA Application # -app_nbr

Loan type -app_prd_product

Loan type - type

Application Effective Date -app_dt

Current application status -app_status_cd

Current application sub status -app_sub_status_cd

FEMA Declaration # - pro_fema_nbr_oda

DCMS Disaster Number - pro_nbr

SBA Declaration # - pro_sba_nbr_oda

Summary Decline indicator &ndash is_summary_decline

Pre-Processing Decline indicator &ndash is_preproc_decline

Loan Decision - loan_decision [*Required for this request]

Date of action - decision_date [*Required for this request]

Total approved amount - loan_amount [*Required for this request]

SBA Loan Number- sba_loan_number

FEMA Control # - app_fema_regis_nbr_oda


Fields populated for home loans, primary applicant

Last Name - pri_apl_last_name

First Name - pri_apl_first_name

Middle Initial - pri_apl_middle_name

Family Size - pri_app_family_size


Applicant Mailing Address:

Street - apl_mailing_address1

City - apl_mailing_city

County - apl_mailing_county

State - apl_mailing_state

Zip Code - apl_mailing_zip



That you for your time,





The information request is directed to the SBA from you. They will give you guidance on how to confirm the request. They also may say they will not release that information to you citing personal data.

At that point we use FOIA and our States Document Request DOA service. The fields we need, Loan Amount and Loan Decision which can be offered by simply giving your FEMA Account number.

Keep requesting until you get an answer then contact me.

Everyone that was in the room with the task force knows I want to see the word CANCELLED in the Loan Decision -loan_decision data field.

Everyone in that room knows I want to see the actual loan amount and not the approved loan amount in the Total approved amount - loan_amount .

For our state people following this, ask your attorney if using data that does not reflect actual assistance available as of this date or 2 calendar years after the date of the loan application with that data hold up under a review? I hope you say No, it's not the states fault, you were supplied data from an agency that has never been called out after Katrina and has only shaped their internal policies to hurt LMI and debt burdened households of all income levels.

Please keep the fight going people, SBA after 2 years drops the data as expired but will not update their data feed. Not as a part of their standard operating policy.

We are due this Oct. Some of you are Nov. Restore is trying to end the program in Dec. If we can clear up the data supplied and prove it was incorrect for thousands we are back in business and then we have only one last SBA issue to address.

Get your copy of your data feed or wait until the week you applied for your loan and appeal once again. But follow guidance from our group not from SBA or on your own.

(If you have any questions post a comment or email me using the contact page. )

Updates as feedback from state officials and SBA come in. 
As of this date and according to the SBA SOP and MHU the data provided to the state of Louisiana Department of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit and it's sub-contractors to include IEM Inc. of North Carolina may not accurately display the disaster victims true SBA status.