Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Program Task Force will be asked to agree to policy, law, and word definition
Just one day from the July 13, 2018 Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Task Force meeting and a new wave of waivers and vote request comes 5 talking points that will be verbally presented to the Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Task Force House Committee Rm 5

By Murray Wennerlund published 7-11-2018 updated 7-11-2018

With limited time we are publishing to all disaster victims 5 clarification points that we will be asking the Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Task Force to enter into public record and make known to the OCD-DRU their understanding and definition of the following

  • Recognize that the OCD-DRU Administration Manual published at the official OCD-DRU website is the official state policy location for all disaster recovery efforts effecting the citizens of Louisiana, Homeowners as well as renters. We also need to establish these are the policies that U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has approved for the State of Louisiana Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit.
  • Agree on the definition of the word "assistance" as the provision of money to directly help someone.
    For Disaster victims we would say to be clear, "did not accept assistance", "did not received assistance" "did accept assistance" , "did receive assistance".
  • Can we agree that HUD identifies one of its core national objectives as offering assistance to Low to Moderate income families? (LMI = 80% AMI or lower)
  • Can we also agree that HUD issued terms with the allocation of funds that 55% of the funds provided would be used to assist or offer assistance to Low to Moderate Income families in the most impacted zones?
  • Can we agree that we do our best to follow all local, state and federal laws?

We have to have every Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program Task Force member agree or identify with each of the points above.

Without all members working from the same page we will have continued conflict and misunderstanding to what our main mission is and our community goals.