Will blue hydrogen plants in Louisiana reduce greenhouse gases or scrub Carbon Dioxide out of the air?
No, the energy industry has a way of making a bi-product like carbon dioxide sound simple to manage within parameters that the industry has developed for hydrogen production and storage under state lands are being offered up by state governors.

By Murray Wennerlund published 10-20-2022 updated 10-20-2022

Answer: No.

Blue Hydrogen is what the Hydrogen manufacturing industry calls it when they use natural gas to create Hydrogen which is a clean burning fuel producing zero CO2 gasses. The byproduct of creating Hydrogen with natural gas is CO2 gasses.  The use of natural gas that produces the methane that causes the CO2 in the creation of clean burning hydrogen is represented by the word "Blue" in "Blue Hydrogen." 

Hydrogen also has a Green Hydrogen method of manufacturing. It uses solar and wind energy to produce the the electricity to produce Hydrogen. Using this method requires no underground storage of CO2 because their is no CO2 emissions created in the production of Green Hydrogen. 

When company representatives share with you information on the capture and the storage of CO2 gasses underground they will use the word "permanently" when taking about storage.

You may have follow-up questions like:

  • How much hydrogen measured in metric tons can be produced for every metric ton of Carbine Dioxide produced in the manufacturing process?
  • What state and what industry is consuming the hydrogen produced in Louisiana?
  • Will their be enough storage under Lake Maurepas to manufacture hydrogen for 100 years? (The estimated storage life of CO2)
  • If storage of Carbine Dioxide is estimated to last for 100 years what happens to the gas at that time?
  • What are the acceptable amounts of leakage from underground storage and through the pipeline needed to transport the CO2?
  • Who will be responsible for any negative ecological issues involving the lake and it's surroundings?
  • Will this carbine capture be monitored only by the state of Louisiana due to the fact it's on state land and not federal land?
  • Will federal agencies monitor air quality standards as well as state agencies?

You most likely have heard of the rainbow of colors that describe the production method of Hydrogen fuel. 

  • Green hydrogen
    Produced with renewable energy sources, solar, wind, wave.
  • Blue hydrogen
    Produced with natural gas which requires carbon dioxide capture and storage.
  • Grey hydrogen
    Produced with natural gas without carbon dioxide capture.
  • Pink (purple, red) hydrogen
    Produced with nuclear energy
  • Turquoise hydrogen
    Produced with a process called methane pyrolysis that creates a solid carbon dioxide waste.
  • Black and brown hydrogen
    Produced with coal.
  • White hydrogen
    Produced by fracking and collecting hydrogen that forms naturally.
  • Yellow hydrogen
    Produced exclusively by solar