Tradesman and Handyman

Very different but often times the same person.

Tradesman have a skill set that often evolves from on the job training and hands on special training. It's often a learned skill rather than acquired skills.  Many times it's a trade or vocational school even a union school program that builds the skills that tradesman have.

Your Handyman may or may not have trade skills. The classical handyman is a self-taught and many times it was a learning curve that would have made many run home crying. It's the school of Hard Knocks that the brain power to remember enough to not repeat the same hard learned lessons. Handyman skills range from A to Z and include 1 through 9 as well. You'll need to ask what your handyman likes doing to find what there main focus and best work comes from. But what it if you ask, you might end up having a list longer than you imagined. Handyman jobs are always in demand and even more today due to technology growth away from repair and maintenance roles.

You'll know your in good hands when you see that your hired tradesman or handyman has a bucket full of common sense, linear and analytical thinking skills that will help with troubleshooting as well as design.

You'll get the impression you're not being sold a bill of goods and you'll be able to communicate on just about any level. It's not an easy title to hold being a tradesman and handyman myself. It's endless learning and perfecting your skills. 

I know, I've soldered cables, programmed a website, patched a gutter, trimmed a tree, repaired a car, cleaned out the heater and then had my morning coffee writing this post. 

Both may have vocational schooling in machine shop, wood working, electronics, electrical, plumbing, etc. Mastering the skills of one or two can take years of hard work and determination.

Don't dismiss the handyman in lieu of the tradesman just for the schooling and training differences. The two often are the same and in many cases the Handyman will be more of an entrepreneur than the tradesman. But don't quote me on the latter.



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