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  • The Watershed Citizens Watchdog Group introduces the newest federal grant program offered by HUD, CDBG-MIT
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    HUD CDBG-MIT Watershed Initiatives are designed to assist state government floodplain management with federal taxpayer dollars to protect the citizens and property in the state to which the grant awards were given.

  • Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards embraces SBA Disaster Loans for Homeowners victims of Tropical Storm Barry
    Murray Wennerlund

    If it wasnt bad enough suffering the SBA DOB issue related to the floods in 2016 and 2017 here in Louisiana. Now, new parishes are being told to apply for the SBA loans by the Governor as published by WAFB Channel 9 Gray Television CBS affiliate.

  • SBA DOB refund checks not in jeopardy says Governor Edwards to public 7-13-2018. APA 12 changes that promise.
    Murray Wennerlund

    Governor Edwards on July 13, 2018 gave a promise after giving 65 of all eligible flood victims enrolled in in the Louisiana Restore Program part of a 110 million program increase. He promised your SBA DOB loans would not be jeopardized.

  • Signs your contractor isn't listening to you or just doesn't want the job.
    Murray Wennerlund

    You might find it difficult finding a contractor these days with all the RoboCalls and Spam they get from registering their businesses with contact email addresses, phone numbers and such. Follow our experiences in Louisiana trying get a price quote.

  • Do you feel hot air coming out of your eaves and soffit vents? Do you have a ridge ventilation designed home?
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    We trust our professionals to do things correctly the first time each and every time they are tasked the work. But sometimes we get a new sub-contractor that hasnt had the time to gain experience of just how to do things right the first time.

  • Louisiana State Contractors Licensing information from a Homeowners understanding
    Murray Wennerlund

    So many of us trust our contractors to do us right. Many of us dont know there are over 4,000 licensed and insured contractors in the state covering foundations to electrical. But all to often we hire a general contractor that hires unlicensed workers.

  • HUD CDBG-DR Grants are designed for Low to Moderate Income families are you qualified?
    Murray Wennerlund

    After a declared disaster FEMA is first to offer GRANTS then second is HUD CDBG-DR GRANTS you need to know your AMI percentage to be able to plan. If your AMI is below the value listed on this page for your area then DO NOT sign an SBA LOAN.

  • Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Program Task Force gets brief from public over statutory and regulatory issues
    Murray Wennerlund

    We the people of Louisiana have heard all about this big SBA fix. We might believe you if you start following the active fixes currently in place. We call your attention to laws and regulations that our Senators Kennedy and Cassidy worked to get us all.

  • Limited rental assistance to no more than 24 months to a household, now is 3 yrs. for TX, LA, PR, Virgin Isl

    FEMA Limits rental assistance to no more than 24 months to a household. Continuums of Care in Texas, Louisiana, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida due to damages and related flooding sustained by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

  • Homeowners have no state protections from Licensed Contractors that outsource work to UNLICENSED CONTRACTORS.

    When you feel safe about your contractor and you have a copy of their business license, state building license, certificate of proof of general liability and workers compensation insurance both valued at 100,000 you think youre protected. Not so fast!

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Replacing our Driver Side Radiator Cooling Fam Motor in our 2008 Honda CRV during the Indy Kart car Indianapolis...

Replacing our Driver Side Radiator Cooling Fam Motor in our 2008 Honda CRV during the Indy Kart car Indianapolis...