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Published February 28 2020 updated February 28 2020 2 min. 27 seconds read
Summary at a Glance
Keep track of the weather when you do your foundation work. Always ask your trusted sub-contractor when they feel they can get the job completed without interuptions from weather. It will pay to wait for dryer weather when working your foundation.

We watch the 10 day forecast, we might see today is the perfect day to do the work.

Foundations are tough to get started in the rainy season. I asked for some advice from one of our sub-contractors we are planning to be successful and calm about it.

Tips for our Sub-Contractors:

  • Don't let a foundation contractor talk you into digging footers before a rain. Pumping out water and then digging out the footer is more time consuming.
  • You have your foundation pad created, compacted, dry and waiting to have your concrete forms set. Your pad isn't going to get hurt by rain so just enjoy it until you have clear weather that matches 2 additional days of your total job. (It's when you dig and the rain fills your footers you have a problem that could have been avoided with better planning.)
  • Plan for your termite treatment, 2 to 3 days for them to arrive and that's after your footers are dug.
  • Plan for the time to place your polyethylene sheeting (visqueen).
  • Plan for the time to work your rebar.
  • Plan for the time to have your carpenter frame your concrete forms.
  • Plan for your inspection scheduling with your local municipality.
  • What day will you have your concrete pump truck on site? They could be billing by the hour so be sure to have your concrete trucks waiting in line until your foundation is completely poured.
  • Know your building materials, concrete should have 20+ hours to dry naturally before any rains. (suggested)

This is not a gambling event, this is your home, you should not rush, get it right the first time. We have our pad ready but our 10 day forecast looks like all I will be doing is watching it rain. To schedule everything into a 2 day window is not realistic.

Talk it out and plan it out, listen to your trusted sub-contractors and watch the weather. Once you start digging you start the clock, be sure you have everything scheduled down to the hour and yes, it is possible to replace a sub-contractor by 9AM if they agreed to be digging at 6AM.

One last thing, your compacted clay needs to be hauled off your property. Don't let whoever is digging out your footers simply pack the clay on top or lay it outside your forms. It has to be removed. Be sure they understand that and get it right.

Thanks to Lee's tips I have less stress today and I can wait 2 weeks to see if the weather is better. I'm not going to waste $25k worth of dirt work because we tried to do 3 days of work in 2.


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