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Published April 19 2018 updated June 22 2018 2 min. 30 seconds read
Summary at a Glance
SBA will follow up with you many times by mail and by telephone to get you to complete your loan application and to sign the agreement for the loan. This is totally up to you if you would like to take the SBA loan now or wait for better options if any.

RE: SBA Disaster Loan Application No: 100011001

Dear Applicant:

As of this date, we have not received the necessary documentation to accept your Small Business Administration disaster loan application.

You must provide the information previously requested prior to the filing deadline of 10/xx/2016 or we will be unable to accept your application for processing.

If you have any questions regarding your loan application or the SBA disaster loan program, please contact us at the above number or at

>>>>>> END LETTER <<<<<

In the state of Louisiana our Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit and our Restore LA project director will be asking for copies of letters sent to the SBA informing the SBA that you declined the loan.

It is my impression after listening to Patrick Forbes Director of Restore LA that he intends to have congress define the word "Declined" as referenced in the Nov. 2011 FR and 2013 Guidance Letter to Grantees.
It is of my opinion that if you do not have a letter sent to the SBA specifically declining the loan and using the word "Decline" as in "I respectfully Decline the SBA Loan offer application no: 100001100 that expired 10/22/2016 in the amount of $1,500,000.00 related to the FEMA registered disaster DR-4277 in the State of Louisiana, Parish of Livingston City of Denham Springs."

With this letter I decline the SBA loan in it's total amount offered and will not seek any assistance from the SBA related to DR-4277.

Mr. Smart-T-Pants_P.Forbes


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