Decline Code 43 Not eligible due to character reasons.
SBA has determined that your name here does not meet SBAs character standards.

By Murray Wennerlund published 10-31-2022 updated 10-31-2022

Decline Code 43 Not eligible due to character reasons.

To be eligible for SBA disaster loan assistance, an applicant must be of good character. In cases where the applicant is a corporation, partnership, or limited liability entity, the character issue extends to the principals of the business. SBA has determined that (insert name of individual) does not meet SBA’s character standards. This decision is based upon the Statement of Personal History, related documents submitted with the application, and government record checks.

** 60-d: Decline (Insert in decline letter after reconsideration requirements)

In addition to the reason(s) for decline explained above, we are required by regulation to perform a character eligibility determination for any applicant who responds affirmatively to the personal history question asked in the application. We consider behavior, candor, integrity, and disposition of criminal actions in our character determination. At this time, the character element of SBA's loan consideration has not been resolved. If you ask us to reconsider our decline decision, you must provide the additional information outlined below with your reconsideration request.



Resource: SBA SOP 50 30 8