How to ask that your SBA EIDL be Canceled but not the Emergency Grant Advance.
Youre not going to find this in the manual but if youre going to ask that your loan be cancelled and you want to stay in the program for the Emergency Grant Advance this is an option I think will assist you.

By Writers Pool published 8-5-2020 updated 8-25-2022

ADVOCACY TASK: Cancellation of EIDL but not Emergency Grant Advance.

Many of you applied for the EIDL for only the Emergency Grant Advance. You're having to wait for loan processing and knowing you are simply going to cancel the loan adds additional processing time and added costs to the overall system.
I suggest we inform the SBA of this issue and offer a solution to the issue.
We need the ability to cancel the loan application without canceling or delaying the processing of your CARES Act Emergency Grant Advance. The SBA SOP 50 30 9 offers no information on this process.
As a group even if you are not in support of simply applying for the Emergency Grant Advance I ask that you copy and paste the email I have created and submit it to the SBA and send it to your Congressional Representatives. You can hijack any congressional rep. FB post and paste the email I have drafted for you. (Make it more personal with your information if you would like.)

>>>> EMIAL / POST <<<<
James E. Rivera
Deputy Associate Administrator for Disaster Assistance
409 3rd Street, SW., Washington, DC 20416
(202) 205-6734 (Mailbox is Full all the time)
fax (202) 205-7728
RE: Cancellation of loan application without interruption of Emergency Grant Advance processing.
Dear Mr. James Rivera,
I would like to know the SBA process and procedure to cancel my EIDL application that will not cancel, delay or interrupt the processing of my CARES Act Sec. 1110 Emergency Grant Advance.
The customer support desk has no answer to my question.
Would you or someone in your office advise which SBA SOP lists the proper method of canceling a loan without canceling the emergency grant advance.
Ref: CARES Act Section 1110 and SBA SOP 50 30 9
Thank you,
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[EIDL Application Number]
[Phone Number]
[Full Street Address]