Paycheck Protection Program US Treasury published Rules Research based learning
Paycheck Protection Program US Treasury published Rules.

By Murray Wennerlund published 4-23-2020 updated 4-23-2020

Research based learning

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Updated: 3:03PM CST 4-21-2020

FAQ (This will be moved to my website because Facebook limits number of characters used in any single post and we need a better search with additional resources related to disaster recovery which I have 3+ years of.)

  1. Have the funds allocated for Whole-of-America coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic response run out?

  2. For select programs the estimated numbers of subscribers was gravely underestimated and will need additional allocations from Washington DC. Other programs are still reporting obligations and disbursements. The PPP program once it begins to disburse funds will be allocated additional funds. The OMB requests a distribution process be created and under the Stafford Act this distribution process needs mechanisms in place to report amounts approved, obligated, disbursed. Disbursements have to be completed before additional allocations can be permitted without waivers. The US Treasury, SBA and the Banking Industry are still working process and procedure as of 4-15-2020.

  3. Where can I find the official PPP policy and rules?

  4. Federal Register Post: Business Loan Program Temporary Changes Paycheck Protection Program dated 4-15-2020 85 FR 20811 

  5. I can't upload my documents to PayPal.

  6. Call or Email PayPal.

  7. May I post about my PPP Lender Wells Fargo, Chase or any other bank and their specific processing methods?

  8. No. The lenders list is over 4,000 different companies which would place a load on the group if we had to review and approve your bank specific question. You can ask any questions you have concerning any of the documents published at the US Treasury but not your bank or any of the lenders: Use Resource for US Treasury 

  9. Where can I post about PPP Processing from online vendors like PayPal and local lenders like Wells Fargo banks?

  10. In our announcements we have topics for you to read and post comments to.

  11. How do I check on the status of my Economic Impact Payment? ($1,200 / $2,400)

  12. Click or Tap this link: 

  13. How long does it take to get my Advance if I'm number 3600?

  14. Call (800) 659-2955

  15. 2000 account holders, check to make sure you can still login to the website using this link. 

  16. 3000 account holders should be receiving an email update with login information for this login. 

  17. If you have a 3600 application number why do we need to call?

  18. You should not have to call unless it's about login information. According to SBA updates you will receive an email about your login information. The email you used to sign up with using the streamline application will be used. Be sure to check your spam and junk folders for your SBA login information.

  19. Should payments that an eligible borrower made to an independent contractor or sole proprietor be included in calculations of the eligible borrower's payroll costs?

  20. No. Any amounts that an eligible borrower has paid to an independent contractor or sole proprietor should be excluded from the eligible business's payroll costs. Resource US Treasury FAQ.

  21. Will an independent contractor or sole proprietor be eligible for a loan under the PPP? , if it satisfies the applicable requirements?

  22. Yes, if eligibility requirements are met. Resource US Treasury FAQ.

  23. What documents can I present a bank to show earnings that are different from my earnings reported on my 1040 Schedule C line 31?

  24. .... waiting for the commenters now ...

  25. I completed the EIDL Streamline application and put 0 employees because I am a sole proprietor, will I have to update this to one (1)?

  26. No, they will apply $1,000 advance to a 0 employee documented.

  27. If I put 1 employee down for the EIDL Streamline application and want the advance for myself and my one employee will the SBA know I need $2,000 instead of $1,000?

  28. .... waiting for you to call or email the SBA loan officer for this fix....

  29. How are Duplication of Benefits (DOB) calculated between EIDL and PPP?

  30. ....waiting on guidance from US Treasury.

  31. Is there a penalty for increasing hourly wages for employees? (Example: additional pay for hazard conditions.)

  32. No penalties are listed at this time but we have two basic lenders policies that would suggest the lender could increase the loan at anytime during a specific period of time because your lender is identified as the servicer of the loan.

  33. Lender must service and liquidate all covered loans made under the Paycheck Protection Program in accordance with PPP Loan Program Requirements.

  34. A Lender's authority to make a covered loan under this Agreement will terminate on July 1, 2020.

  35. Resource: US Treasury Lenders guide may be updated but as of 4-15-2020 if a change in your payroll amount is reported to your lender prior to July 1, 2020 you should be able to submit an increase or decrease to protect the forgiveness amount during lender audit.

  36. I filed my EIDL early and have a 2000 number. When I login using the old login screen in the Status Description it says, "Your recent COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) application has been received. Please reapply at the following website to complete your self-certification:  "

  37. SBA Call centers and several loan officers have reported to members of this group that your applications will be merged. We have confirmed with others that applied and were issued 2000 series applications. If the instructions say to reapply to complete your self-certification then it is by process the next step for you to take. That message my not be updated until your new application has been merged. Keep a record o when you update. According to call center notes reapplying will not change your order. But, incomplete or missing data will delay your processing.

  38. Under Section 1102 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is listed utilities as an eligible expense. Does this include internet?

  39. Under part &ldquo(F) ALLOWABLE USES OF COVERED LOANS sub paragraph (i) (VI) utilities. Interim answer is No, internet is not covered under utilities. Most likely this only includes electric but will update if any additional information is located of if a clarification is requested by the group to the US Treasury.

  40. What are people using as proof of Income for a startup business Jan 2020?

  41. SBA Loan Officers for EIDL and Lenders for PPP should accept the following as proof of income. Combine all the following.

  42. Profit and Loss statement.

  43. General Ledger

  44. Bank statements should work. At least, I hope so

  45. Why are all the posts from Admin's?

  46. Because we update more often than the casual member. We do spotlight member posts and if the topic is important we create it's own post to link it in our index.


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