FEMA is here to help and may save your day in the early days but be careful for your long term recovery.

FEMA is here to help you in the short term recovery processes quickly after a declared disaster. They do not have the knowledge to advise you for your long term recovery other than giving you a simple damage estimate and offering you up to SBA for loans.

FEMA Individual and Households Program IHP Grants explained Part 1 of 2

FEMA may have awarded you up to 30,000 in Individual and Households grants called IHP and they may have listed that this grant is for Home Repairs. Your letter will say home repairs and you might think everything in your home is repairable, right?

by Murray Wennerlund published 9/18/2018 updated 9-22-2018 6 min. 20 seconds read

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Duplication of Benefits with FEMA IHP Individuals and Households Grant Program

Many homeowners received large amounts of money shortly after the flood. If you login to your FEMA account you may find a letter similar to the one posted here.

by Writers Pool published 4/15/2018 updated 6-23-2018 5 min. 36 seconds read

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You recently registered with FEMA for assistance with your disaster losses

You were told that you had to apply for a SBA Loan to be eligible for possible grants from FEMA. They may have mentioned Vehicle Grants, Home Repair Grants or any number of grants that only FEMA offered but you had to apply for a SBA Loan first.

by Writers Pool published 4/19/2018 updated 3-21-2019 2 min. 56 seconds read

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FEMA Individual and Households Program IHP Grants explained Part 2 spending for reimbursement earnings.

After you have read part one this is the part that ties it all together. This is from our 2016 Floods and our experience with FEMA Grants and the Duplication of Benefits issue we all face when HUD CDBG-DR grants become available.

by Murray Wennerlund published 9/19/2018 6 min. 44 seconds read

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Follow Elevation Standards from HUD not from FEMA or your local zoning unless they exceed HUD standards

Its not to often you will read, Follow HUD standards. Most of us that have been in a disaster know HUD standards are low quality and economical grade. But when it comes to flood elevation requirements they are often the best numbers to use.

by Supervisor published 4/29/2018 updated 3-21-2019 2 min. 33 seconds read

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Give $30K to a disaster victim that lost everything and they are going replace what is important to them.

They spend it on what they feel is important to get back to normalcy. Everyone from the Governors office to FEMA was preaching for everyone to work on getting back into their homes and to get back to a normal life.

by Writers Pool published 5/1/2018 updated 3-21-2019 4 min. 32 seconds read

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FEMA grants required you to carry flood insurance. Did you get enough to justify the DOB for the next flood.

When FEMA told us we had to continue to carry at least the minimum amount flood insurance or we would have to return any grant awards given by them we agreed. But did we get enough insurance? The minimum is 30,000 in coverage 1/6th replacement cost

by Writers Pool published 5/2/2018 updated 12-15-2018 2 min. 14 seconds read

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Manufactured Home Owners MHU should avoid the FEMA IHP Home Repairs Grant at all costs

FEMA IHP Grants for Home Repairs on MHU may sound like a good idea at first but when you apply for your HUD CDBG-DR Grant you are going to find the FEMA IHP Grant will count against you and amount to nothing in return toward your rebuilding.

by Writers Pool published 5/30/2018 updated 12-15-2018 2 min. 38 seconds read

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Not all Federal Grant Dollars that are classified a Duplication of Benefits counts against you.

If you have had any experience with a natural disaster you know the term "Duplication of Benefits". But do you know they are not always the same when it comes time to tally up the grant money and assign it to your recovery project?

by Supervisor published 5/31/2018 updated 12-15-2018 4 min. 42 seconds read

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Just tell FEMA No Thanks when they refer you to the SBA Disaster Loan Program. 80 Percent AMI or lower? Say NO

After a Disaster you must identify what your AMI is before you file with FEMA. This was learned from experience and from policies in place by states with declared disaster.

by Contributor published 8/9/2018 updated 8-13-2018 7 min. 16 seconds read

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