HUD CDBG-DR Grants funded by Public Law 117-43 from the 117 Congress
Federal Taxpayer funded disaster recovery grant funds have been allocated to major and severe disasters declared in 2020 and 2021. H.R.5305 - Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act is allocating

By Murray Wennerlund published 10-31-2021 updated 11-6-2021


Be sure to contact your state office of community development or housing authority to apply for grants and other programs your state will offer. These funds are for unmet needs so any costs out of pocket should be addressed by your state governors emergency preparedness agency as well as your HUD Housing Authority. 



State Disasters Covered Total Allocation
Alabama DR-4563, DR-4573 $311,732,000
California DR-4558, DR-4569 $231,203,000
Florida DR-4564 $113,191,000
Iowa DR-4557 $56,940,000
Louisiana DR-4559, DR-4570 $594,931,000
Michigan DR-4547 $54,498,000
Mississippi DR-4576 $28,470,000
Oregon DR-4562 $422,286,000
Puerto Rico DR-4473, DR-4560 $184,626,000
Tennessee DR-4476, DR-4541 $42,740,000

States that had declared disasters in 2020 and 2021 will start seeing federal grant funds pouring into the hands of your governor, disaster recovery agencies as well as private contractors on the states contactors list ready to take as many millions as possible. 

The first allocations are based on several factors which always follow the same process. 

  1. Total numbers of major or severely damage homes or businesses.
  2. Total amount of private insurance payments.
  3. Total of FEMA payments.
  4. Total privately funded repairs. 

The remaining numbers are called "Unmet Needs" which the grant programs will cover. 

A simple Duplication of Benefits check will be conducted based on your states method. 

For Louisiana, the state will determine the amount of damage you had and that was caused by the disaster. Then they will apply any and all financial aid you have received from other agencies to include not for profits. 

The amount not covered by any other program or funds will be covered by the grant program. 

But your state could create rules and policy that makes it very difficult to gain access to additional funds to cover your unmet needs. 

Your state could: 

  1. Evaluate your repairs and make an independent estimate much lower than the actual cost of repairs you had paid. 
  2. Your state could require you to return the federal funds received from other agencies if your state feels you did not apply the funds as directed by the granting agency as your state interprets the rules of other agencies. 
  3. Your state could make the grant program into a reimbursement program which would force homeowners and business owners to make all repairs out of pocket before your state would reimbursement you for the repairs. 

Once states receive the grant funds you will be subjected to inspections that may offer less money than want is needed to complete your repairs. You much complete all repairs as your state managers require to receive federal grants. 

In Louisiana it is typically 35% of all homeowners that apply for unmet needs actually receive the grant funds. You will have to really push for your assistance. In some disasters like the 2016 floods out of 59,000 eligible only 17,000 will actually complete the program which often takes between 4 to 6 years from the date of the disaster. 

Follow the allocations (money) and follow what HUD and your State boards and task force members say to stay up to date. Most information will not be freely given or easy to find so be ready to publish your questions of what you can expect and who to contact.