Landlords with non paying renters because of unemployment.
Multifamily rental units occupied by non paying renters of no fault of their own for the COVID-19 job loss they are experiencing. I am researching the option to assist landlords with mortgages based on number of units at fair market rates.

By Murray Wennerlund published 9-20-2020 updated 9-20-2020

Rentals and Landlords with non paying renters because of unemployment.

Multifamily units only.

I have some research that shows the agencies funded to prevent homelessness are not focusing on landlords with mortgage debt related to none paying renters.

The research I setup was designed to identify what landlords would qualify for Rapid Rehousing grants that could be used to pay the mortgage on the property and buildings at a HUD determined fair market rate.

I have some numbers but need a few landlords with mortgages to see their numbers. I am looking for example cases to present to HUD Region 6 requesting they inform recipients of HUD grants for housing to redirect funds to pay FMR for renters that are currently unable to pay due to reduced unemployment income and job loss.


This is not to be confused with renters simply not paying rent because of the deferment for evictions. This is in response to a judges rule in Houston to allow evictions before the end of the year.

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