Matters Under Review MUR When victims of disaster question why. Disaster Victims Watchdog Advocacy Group.

When rules, guidance, process, laws and procedures are put in place that are described as helpful but the victims of the disasters see no help we need to review the rules, the process, the laws and the procedures and question why they are in place.

Comite River Diversion Plan

Opinion: We need to start looking at plans like this but in a larger scope of support. Funding needs to cover B.F.E. each time B.F.E. changes. Current drainage needs to be optimized and people need to learn to clean their private ditches.

by Writers Pool published 12/9/2017 updated 1-15-2022 13 seconds read

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Louisiana desperate homeowners placing land with structures up for collateral

52 hours after the August 2016 Louisiana flood we had hundreds people going street by street, house by house placing signs for Kitchens, Drywall, Flooring, Buying flooded homes, loans, property sales and several get rich quick in disaster zone types

by Contributor published 12/27/2017 updated 1-15-2022 9 min. 40 seconds read

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Louisiana Flood Victims act now and tell Governor Edwards to update the SBA DOB rules

HR 1892 passed. Duplication of Benefits for Louisiana flood victims that were credit worthy of an SBA loan but declined the loan. Restore LA managed by IEM Inc calculates flood victims DOB to include the SBA loan when homeowners declined the loan.

by Writers Pool published 3/13/2018 updated 1-15-2022 13 seconds read

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Read Successful Rebuilding efforts after your flood not political garbage

When I read that the Mayor of Denham Springs was speaking with politicians in Texas about what Denham Springs did after the storm I thought it was interesting that anyone would listen to a Mayor of a city that is failing more than every after.

by Writers Pool published 4/18/2018 updated 1-15-2022 2 min. 32 seconds read

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Why some states will never learn how to handle disasters.

Rebuilding your states infrastructure each time it is damaged by storms makes your state a real storm chaser. Don't plan ahead and build a resilient infrastructure. Wait for the next big one to rip your state apart then go begging for money to rebuild.

by Supervisor published 5/13/2018 updated 1-15-2022 1 min. 16 seconds read

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How well does your state follow the HUD Grant Amendment Process?

When you follow the HUD Grant money trail you will run into the guidelines HUD places on Grantees which is your state government on just how to handle the Action Plan and the inevitable Amendments that follow in the wake of every declared disaster.

by Writers Pool published 6/12/2018 updated 6-21-2018 6 min. 39 seconds read

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S. 3041, Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Record

What does the S. 3041 Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 which was once called H.R. 4460 - Disaster Recovery Reform Act do for homeowners with SBA Loans? In our opinion, nothing, but if you have news that will help we are listening.

by Supervisor published 6/13/2018 updated 6-21-2018 15 min. 58 seconds read

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Louisiana Disaster Victims identify SBA formula to calculate the ability to repay impossible to reach

When Louisiana disaster victims look for help from FEMA they expect to be treated fairly and equally. But when FEMA told thousands of disaster victims they had to apply for SBA loans it was at that point homeowners became victims of federal departments

by Murray Wennerlund published 7/12/2018 4 min. 1 seconds read

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Louisiana Retirees are taking the fight in front of the Restore Task Force with proof the system is flawed.

Hundreds of Louisiana families are fighting our states Office of Community Development over the Duplication of Benefits determination policy that our state currently has in place.

by Murray Wennerlund published 7/12/2018 3 min. 46 seconds read

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Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Program Task Force are shown the SBA Loan Process Flow

To be declined a loan from the SBA you have to fail the pre-screening or not own a home basically. Once you score any any one point you are approved for an SBA Loan. You only have limited options to Withdraw and once you sign your closing you are approved

by Murray Wennerlund published 7/12/2018 updated 7-14-2018 4 min. 19 seconds read

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