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Disaster Recovery is going to be very stressful and for most of you it will take years to recover.

Let's not even try to fool a disaster victim, we know companies will be in the area claiming to really care as well as state and federal agencies all here to help you recover. Well let me tell you first hand as I type this after waiting 11 months for 1 person at the State of Louisiana OCD-DRU to update one thing that the state's hired contractor didn't do 11 months and forced us to sit without a recovery plan for all that time. They classified us as a wealthy household that had access to an SBA loan and told us for months they could not help because of the loan. We had to do our own research, our own campaigning and our own activism to correct one of many mistakes the State of Louisiana and IEM Inc. have done that is causing hundreds of families to abandon their recovery efforts.

Here is where you are going to find the finger pointing and the facts behind the action.

State and Federal agencies have allowed disaster recovery to become an industry for profit and have taking away the actual recovery aspect for those that need it most

If you are a state worker and can do something about what is printed within this pages then do so, don't even ask management, just do it. If you are a human and can fix one homeowner today then you can send a family down the path of recovery. I know people like you are out there working for us but being told by your management to group us instead of reviewing us one by one. I know this because one of you, I don't know you, but one person identified the mistake that I had pointed out publicly and had thrown back in my face by a self serving egotistic temporary hire independent contractor working for the State Director and IEM Inc. as their media outreach person. This person never once looked into the case, and doomed the homeowner to failing completely with their recovery.

It's because of people like the temporary contractor hired by IEM Inc. and given the title of "Applicant Relations & Public Outreach", this person, the owner operator of Emergent Method in Baton Rouge does not go the extra mile for disaster victims but finds it easier to collect personal information and "Handle" those that speak out. This person set in motion a screening process that I will be sharing with all disaster victims and a process that puts doubt in our states ability to manage contractors like IEM Inc. I will never stop screening and reviewing homeowners cases that are sent to me when the homeowner needs help. No matter what the income level, no matter what the living arrangements of the family, I can not allow incompetent people to penalized disaster victims over and over again. If one homeowner can discover critical flaws in a review process imagine what could happen if we hired thinkers and doers competent to do the job. It would have amazing results on our recovery efforts. But until that day, I am in the fight for the long haul. 

Our story, our struggle is listed here and linked to all the efforts it took us to fix things. We want you to know this is a full time fight for a successful recovery. Please assign one person in your household the task and have that person work with me via the Internet every day until your final recovery dollar has arrived and your home is completed.


Work with me because I trust you can make the best recovery possible if you give it every ounce of energy you have. I say this because your state, your government, and the independent contractors are not all on your side and many of them simply use you as a resume bullet point, and you are soon forgotten.

This is not my full-time job, I do not get paid, I do not receive any money by helping disaster victims. I don't even get the bragging rights and I don't do resume bullet points. Despite all this I will spend whatever time you need as long as you promise to fight tooth and nail to the end of your recovery for everything you qualify for and all the assistance that is promised but rarely given. Promise me you won't quit, and you'll have me standing beside you for the distance of your recovery path.

We will get your life back to pre-disaster condition.

We will find the few workers that believe in us and will help us.

All others we will work to have them removed and / or fired so they can not harm another soul that is trying to recover from a disaster. I promise you I will work on having each of those that "Handle" you to protect their incomes removed from the recovery process.

Many talk about your health and safety and there are many people working hard to make your health and your safety their number one cause. You have to understand when it's thousands of people all at once it is very difficult. So we are going to share with you methods of getting to the top, getting your home, your lives placed as number one concern by everyone you talk to.

You'll do this with communication and policy nothing more. Empathy is behind you, it's not going to get things done and in this section empathy will only cloud your vision and make you relax as if you expect something to happen without your pushing forward. Trust me, once I dropped the empathy part of the recovery program training manual and focused on getting things done it was better.

I will expect to hear from you before months pass. If you wait for the last minute I'm not going to be able to map out an action plan for you. Most action plans that are listed take days and some weeks to secure. If you're waiting with your fingers crossed that something will happen and it's over 5 business days you have just wasted 5 recovery campaign and battle days.

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