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Published December 28 2017 updated March 21 2019 1 min. 48 seconds read
Summary at a Glance
Imagine if all 14,000 homes were given a stick pin for the map, you wouldn't be able to see the map at all.

We have collected and taken pictures of our rebuilding process.

We hope you have done the same.

It's important to document everything after a disaster.

Your home was flooded, garage, shop, storage room.

You lost everything you could think of.

Now you are rebuilding, let's show how good you did the rebuilding phase by sharing pictures of what you did behind the drywall and paint.

So many flipped homes are expected to show that mold in the coming years we want to show buyers that are moving into the area that we do know how to recover correctly from flood damage.

It's more than just cleaning up and you know it.

Share your experiences with pictures.

I know I will be sharing our rebuild every day live online starting Feb. 28, 2018.

That's if everything goes to plan.

Results of a Perfect Project. From one generation to the next, we know if your project is designed perfectly you will have perfect results no matter if it's 1928, 1995 or 2021.