Example Cases

Rebuild Recover Restore Resilient Example Cases of Disaster Recovery.

Rebuilding after a disaster my require labor and materials only but to recover from your disaster will take time. To restore yourself, your household, your life to pre-disaster condition you must stay focused and keep moving forward. This isn't a "Feel Good" section this is a hard hitting you are your own recovery system and if you don't get your plan in action no one will do it for you. You need to completely Rebuild, Recover, Restore and become more Resilient than ever.

  • Homeowner with Zero Grant Award Calculation sent Zero Grant Award Letter with line, "Wait for SBA Bailout Fix"

    Ms. Smith did everything right after the 2016 floods in Louisiana. Her family collected every dime they had, used insurance and took an SBA Disaster loan to rebuild their home. Their home was completed before they leaned about HUD CDBG-DR grants.


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We need to recover as much as possible the R22 refrigerant in our 5 ton home AC unit. It does not have...

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