• Through Disaster Experience
  • For every path there's a road block of bureaucracy
  • Our paths although different still meet at the waters edge.
  • Victims of Disasters see difficulties from ground level.

This page and this section of the website is dedicated to sharing disaster relief experience from the victims point of view and how we navigate the federal disaster assistance agencies.

Policy that concerns your disaster recovery

Find a group and get involved. You will hear stories about the Katrina days, the Sandy days but those are nothing when you compare the big business of today's disaster recovery processes and policy. From the Louisiana Floods of 2016, Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, California, Wisconsin, Illinois and more. It's easier to track by disaster number starting with DR-4263 to what disaster people are attempting to recover from today.

To make your experience with recovery a positive one we have to start off with a couple of negatives.

1. DO NOT USE SBA Disaster Loans for anything other than business loans if you have a business. You should use private banks and private lenders before any federal assistance is offered to you in the form of a repayable loan.

2. FEMA IA Grants are good, get as much as you can, keep asking for more, food, shelter, get this done.

3. FEMA IHP Grants are also go but you must know how to spend the money and if you are unemployed and don't see employment in your near future skip this money, you will have to pay it back and it will not be easy if you do not spend it on just what it's designed to help with. Home structural repairs. Read more here.

As a group of suffering from the lack of planning and the unskilled government appointed members of our disaster recovery unit I can speak for hundreds when it comes to unprofessional and total chaos within a state that has its share of disasters. Each disaster new teams make up new rules and hire new sub-contractors for hundreds of millions. Currently we are fighting the unprofessional management shipped in from North Carolina after their limited money management for Sandy victims. I can say unprofessional because management actually talks about individuals in their offices and chain mails social media posts. Not to mention their construction teams making up policy as they go. Our storms were from 2016, their policy for our recovery is still being edited Oct. 2018 and wasn't on paper until 2018. So when IEM Inc. knocks at your recovery door when not ask some of us in Louisiana for a review of their employees starting from their operations directors and licensed contractors.

You'll find more information within this pages that will help you than any FEMA center. We'll share with you just what it takes to communicate with HUD, HUD Exchange and HUD OIG when you have to report issues and believe me when I say you will suffer from the issues for years if you don't call your state government out on everything that isn't logical. For us it's like a full time job just reading reports and correcting state level government issues before they report to HUD.

  • SBA Loan Declined by not signing and returning your SBA Loan Closing Documents households debt issues
    Writers Pool

    Public Information Request DECLINED SBA Loan by not signing and returning Loan Application via US Postal Mail to the SBA. If you did this please contact us with your completed Income to Expense spreadsheet we offer linked in the resources section.

    SBA Loans
  • How the Federal SBA Loan program for Homeowners places more debt and puts at risk recovery efforts.

    The SBA Loan Program will harm every American Household after a declared disaster for one simple fact. The Federal SBA Loan Program does not take into consideration any current income to expense ratio for the victims of the disaster.

    SBA Loans
  • 3800 homeowners refused HUD assistance by the State of Louisiana Office of Community Development

    Louisiana Homeowners are saying "This Bayou Stinks of Swamp Politics". When you mention anything about the SBA Loan that 3,800 Louisiana Homeowners Declined. All we hear is State Reps, agencies and the governor muttering swamp talk politics.

    Fact Check
  • H.R.1892 Bipartisan Budget Act DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Community Planning And Development

    We are not lawyers but we do know when something just doesn't set well with the masses. 3,800 Louisiana flood victims have been refused HUD Grants under the guidance of Governor John Bel Edwards and the state of Louisiana Office of Community Development.

  • Dear SBA we would like to lower our disaster loan amount, we can not afford your proposed monthly payment.

    Dear. 2016 Louisiana Flood Victim, we have received your request to decrease your loan amount from 125,000 to 25,000. Your payment amount is reduced from 440.00 to 437.00. Your payment terms have been changed from 30 years to 5 years.

    SBA Loans
  • File a Complaint Against a Federal or State Government Agency Louisiana, Texas, Puerto Rico, Indiana, Florida

    When you find errors and omissions you should report them. When you find state workers and directors of agencies making statements which they then in turn ignore or abuse their power you should report them.

  • Restore Louisiana Task Force Meeting July 13th 2018 State Capitol, House Committee Room 5, Baton Rouge

    State Capitol, House Committee Room 5, 900 N. Third St. Baton Rouge LA 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 PM Friday, July 13. Be sure to be on time, or at least between 9:30 and 10:00. Most meetings are fast, last one ended about 10:30 only one public comment presented.

  • Louisiana OCD-DRU Declined SBA Award Policy

    The Declined SBA Award Policy is published on Page 52 of the Homeowners Assistance Manual version 3.1. This has been confirmed with DOA as being what Restore.LA.Gov uses to determine if a homeowner will be penalized for not accepting the SBA loan offered.

  • Restore Pipeline Reports #46 June 16 to 22 2018
    Writers Pool

    Restore Pipeline Reports 46 June 16 to 22 2018

  • What it means to be Low and Moderate income families in declared disaster zones in the USA and Territories.

    More specifically, what does it mean to rebuild with next to nothing leaving you dependent on federal and state agencies that seem not to understand the urgency of the matter.


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  • Hundreds of homeowners with SBA Duplication of Benefits may have been categorized incorrectly.

    Jonathan L.

    Hundreds of homeowners with SBA Duplication of Benefits may have been categorized incorrectly.

  • FEMA-4382-DR California Amendment No. 1 to Notice of a Major Disaster Declaration of August 4, 2018

    Supervisor O.

    FEMA-4382-DR California Amendment No. 1 to Notice of a Major Disaster Declaration of August 4, 2018