• Through Disaster Experience
  • For every path there's a road block of bureaucracy
  • Our paths although different still meet at the waters edge.
  • Victims of Disasters see difficulties from ground level.

We are sharing with you our experiences with the federal disaster assistance agencies. We'll guide you the best we can. We'll attempt to update our guidance promptly when homeowners report changes to federal and state programs.

As new policy is created and old policy is updated or eliminated we'll bring changes to programs to your attention.

We have several grassroots programs which can help you if you interact with them. Don't think for a moment recovery will come knocking on your door. You have to go out and make it happen.

We'll help you build your advocacy group as well as help you with becoming a positive change activist.

Some groups you might be interested in.

  • Restore LA Program Info Exchange Focus: HUD CDBG-DR Grants, State Grantees, SBA DOB related to HUD Grants. Focus on HUD Recovery Grants and local state policies.
    (Private Facebook.Com Group in Louisiana all are welcome.)
  • Stop FEMA Now Focus: FEMA Recovery efforts, SBA Disaster Loans, Long term recovery focus on Super storm Sandy Victims. (Public Facebook.Com Group based out of New Jersey.)
  • SBA Disaster Recovery Loans Learn who should not apply. Learn what the SBA will do to approve you. Learn about low income homeowners without credit being offered loans by using their homes as collateral. Learn the truth about the SBA lending practices and how some homeowners would never be able to repay the loan.
    (National group focused on SBA Disaster Loans and what the true costs are.)
  • Homeowner - Contractor Focus: Helping Homeowners self contract and manage their own hiring and firing of workers to get the job of recovery completed. We share our experiences and share our processes.
    (Public Facebook.Com Group for homeowners managing their construction projects)
  • Disaster Recovery Reform Act (DRRA) Focus: Disaster Feedback in relationship to Congressional Representatives actions for better recovery processes. This is a mix of federal policy with homeowners feedback related to federal disaster recovery policy.

Proposed / Needed Groups:

  • State of XX HUD CDGB-DR Grantee: We need individuals that have time to administrate and moderate local groups focused on your state agencies that distribute HUD CDBG-DR grants. We will assist you with your setup and help you keep up with HUD policy as well as forecast what move your state will make within the program. We'll teach you how to be your states "Watchdog" to reduce government waste and to help guard against fraud against the American Taxpayers.
    (Groups by state for HUD CDBG-DR Grant award assistance. Groups need to form before FEMA - SBA applicants are started.

  • Homeowner with Zero Grant Award Calculation sent Zero Grant Award Letter with line, "Wait for SBA Bailout Fix"

    Ms. Smith did everything right after the 2016 floods in Louisiana. Her family collected every dime they had, used insurance and took an SBA Disaster loan to rebuild their home. Their home was completed before they leaned about HUD CDBG-DR grants.

  • State of Louisiana OCD-DRU tells homeowners to start using CTA for answers.
    Murray Wennerlund

    This comes after months of fighting between homeowners and their point of contact CTA at the IEM offices for recovery information. Many CTAs where told by management not to communicate with homeowners while others simply ignored the homeowner.

  • Mr. Jim Tucker, Representing Tucker Properties Restore Louisiana Public Comments June 9, 2017 LA state capitol

    The Difficulties our For Profit sectors faced after the 2016 floods in Louisiana are best learned by listening to the for profit business owners. Can we in the long term afford to only grant funds to Opportunity Zones that have had 20 years failed growth

  • Ms. Paula Collins Restore Louisiana Public Comments June 9, 2017 LA state capitol RM 1

    The Difficulties Homeowners and families faced during and shortly after the 2016 floods in Louisiana are best learned by listening to the disaster surveyor.

  • Ms. Charlette Minor Restore Louisiana Public Comments June 9, 2017 LA state capitol RM 1

    The Difficulties we all face are often best learned directly from the victims of the disaster and in their own words.

  • The Water Institute Group TWIG April 12 2018 Request on the Task Force Watershed item for tomorrow.

    ...I've been thinking more about how to make use of the scientists at the Water Institute of the Gulf (TWIG) in this work. The state has invested enormous resources to build the strength of this independent science institute as a unique global leader...

  • Restore Louisiana Task Force approves using Homeowners HUD grants as Seed Money for State mitigation projects
    Murray Wennerlund

    Many never heard it coming, others actually knew since July of 2018 that the program that was once designed to help homeowners would be used to fund state mitigation projects directly or indirectly. This time its direct, state asks for SEED Money!

  • True experience with IEM Inc. Disaster Recovery people, it is very hard to find straight answers
    Murray Wennerlund

    For months homeowners have asked the same question of IEM contractors. Many questions were posted, email, called in to the Baton Rouge call center that IEM inc manages. Some from as far back as May 2018 that are still unanswered today. Heres one Question

  • Elevation for disaster victims, the Data, Math and illogical approach that costs flood victims 5% more.
    Murray Wennerlund

    Elevation Cost Analysis by IEM recommends increasing disaster victims out of pocket costs by more than 5 percent if homeowner selects to use concrete blocks for column supports in lieu of timber poles or wood columns.

  • State of Louisiana contractor IEM hires sub-contractor to reduce elevation caps by 5%
    Murray Wennerlund

    IEM Inc a NC Risk Management company holds true to their core business model by creating a report comparing the price of wood vs. concrete when elevating homes. The report awards 5% more grant funds to use timbers and 5% less for concrete CMU blocks.


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  • Hundreds of homeowners with SBA Duplication of Benefits may have been categorized incorrectly.

    Jonathan L.

    Hundreds of homeowners with SBA Duplication of Benefits may have been categorized incorrectly.