Framing crew with professional carpenters and skilled framing workers needed for residential construction.



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We are hiring a framing crew with verified professional carpenters and skilled labor helpers. This is a single residential home for a 2016 flood disaster victim rebuilding after their home was determined substantially damaged. Building plans are attached.

4,186 /sf under roof with elevated floor supported by CMU columns. The working height is 3' above poured slab.

The home is designed with a center Zen Garden courtyard entry to large mudroom that branches out to the sleeping and dining areas and office with entertainment areas. The home is Southern Acadian following our love for Country French architecture of the south. The design is more functional then architectural in that we look for low cost of home ownership over a 30, 50 and 100 year family ownership of the home. Every aspect of our build is reviewed by the homeowner as was the design and engineering process. We plan to build a home for our family and want to hire people proud of their trade and industry.

The project is in 3 phases.

  1. Elevated platform GLM beams, floor joists with TG subfloor.
  2. First floor framing, sheathing.
  3. Walk-up/in attic and rafter system sheathing.

Skilled labor only.

Professionally trained carpenters only.

Onsite must speak fluent English and have HS or GED minimum education.

Budget for labor only.

Materials / take-off list will be supplied for review and scheduling of work.

Download related plans and review before making contact with us.

You must have verifiable references. If you have building projects available for inspection that's a plus. You must have had at least one permitted project completed under a general license or labor only license.

Labor brokers do not need to respond.
We are looking for professional crews, W2 employees with the company preferred.

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A-1_Floor_Plan_Clara_Cottage_Design_Plan_2020_Oct.jpg Cover_Sheet_Clara_Cottage_Design_Plan_2020_Dec.jpg S-3_Framing_Plan_Clara_Cottage_Design_Plan_2020_Dec_11.jpg S-5_Building_Section_Clara_Cottage_Design_Plan_2020_Dec_11.jpg
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