Structural Engineer needed to advise and design residential home elevated foundation.



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We have completed our Geotechnical soil analysis and have 3D home design plans completed. Now we need recommendations on the type of foundation best suited to our design. This project requires PE stamp.

We need a structural engineer to advise and design if necessary a foundation to support the custom designed home shown in the images section.
We have contracted APS Engineering for our Geotechnical data.
We are looking at spread footing or footing with grade beam. Pilings if required should be concrete for our area.
Must certify with PE stamp final drawings.

I'm not an engineer and most of all I don't play one on TV either.
We do need to have someone do the math for us that is certified in the structural, civil engineering field.

Here are the basics so you can quote your services.

  • 1st floor West wing living area: (38*36) = 1,368 /sf
  • 1st flood East wing living area: (38*36) = 1,368 /sf
  • Entrance Foyer / Mudroom (10*12) = 120 /sf
  • Front West porch (10*36) = 360 /sf
  • Rear West porch (10*36) = 360 /sf
  • Front East porch (10*36) = 360 /sf
  • Rear east porch (10*36) = 360 /sf
  • 2nd floor West attic storage (17*35) = 595 /sf
  • 2nd flood East attic storage (17*35) = 595 /sf

Our best guess that needs your approval is:
275/lbs per sqft for 2 floor plan design calculations (1,368 * 275) = 376,200 lbs or 188.1 Tons

With this information what type of foundation would be best in our elevated design build?

Note Geotechnical Soil Analysis: Our Geotechnical Engineer is waiting for your questions to finalize our soil analysis.
We have a draft version of our engineering study and once we have all your questions answered we'll provide the certified stamped report. APS has provided us some time and has offered to respond to your structural engineering questions.

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