Geotechnical Services requested Soil Analysis compression rating for new construction.



Project Category Engineering Residential | Geotechnical
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Geotechnical Soil Analysis Soil type Compression etc., for new residential construction in Denham Springs LA. 70726


  1. 1414 Don Avenue site survey (PDF)
  2. Elevation Certificate (PDF)
  3. Old Structure Design (image)
  4. Old Structure Image
  5. Google SketchUp New Structure Design. (Zip File)
  6. New Design Image (images)
    • Image 8 Pier / Beam with Column on 2' footers and piling. Grade beam connected footers.
  7. Embedded are our a few new design images. Click the links to view online if they do not work from your email.

If you need any additional information about the proposed design or images of the property feel free to ask.

Thank you,

Murray Wennerlund

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