We would like to re-subdivide 3 lots into 2 lots. Currently we hold lots 3,4 and 5 in trait labeled 6 of Shellys Homesites .

Re-Subdivision Survey Shelly's Homesites lots 3,4,5 plot 6.
Physical location 1414 Don Ave. Denham Springs, LA. 70726
GPS 30.470569, -90.963316

We own 3 lots currently 60x150.
We are re-subdividing our lots to 85x150 and 95x150.

Attached are lot layouts by the original builder of Shelly's Homesites.

We are requesting a simple price quote or bid for this project.

Thank you,
Murray and Clara

Additional Information, Prices and Fees.
Total Package Re-Subdivision request:

  1. Physical Survey, corner markers, lot markers border and center. (Example: 4 corners of combined property, center and border market of property border at 85')
    Prepare subdivision map for review.
  2. Walk map through the full review and application process with the City of Denham Springs.
  3. Filing of final approved map with Livingston Parish Clerk of the Court.
  4. Represent our proposed subdivision at any required meeting with the city or parish.
  5. Hourly rate for all other matters.
  6. Professional service fees to be presented as itemized invoice for billing.
  7. All additional or third party fees to include filing, review, application and sub-contractor fees to be paid and invoiced as an itemized reimbursable expense with copy of original receipt. (Picture or Scan)
  8. All quotes should include estimated fees from the city and parish.
    (Must be verifiable published public record.)

We will pay on receipt of invoice for services rendered.
Preferred payment method is Credit Card but will use other methods of payment if discussed and agreed to in written or electronic format prior to rendering services.


This project has been completed.

Winning Bid awarded to:

Richmond W. Krebs & Associates, LLC - Professional Land Surveying
1211 N Range Ave Suite B, Denham Springs, LA 70726
(225) 435-7010

FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

Website: https://www.rwkrebssurvey.com/

Clint and Shane called in advance and gave their time of arrival almost to the minute. They both introduced themselves and without delay they started the property border survey.
They identified markers placed back in the 50's and confirmed their measurements were accurate. And we talking to the hundredths of an inch. (Line of Sight measurements I do believe are to the thousandths)

When it was discovered 3 rear yard markers had been removed they both worked to line up new markers so we could have a complete 4 point property border survey completed. It wasn't a surprise to find back yard markers missing.
They documented the primary building dimensions and location as well as our accessory buildings. They also documented our driveway, walkways and parking slabs.

That were very professional and didn't take long to complete our 3 lots.

We want to thank Mindy for working with us via email and offering more patience than I would have ever expected.
Every question answer and setting the date was easy.

We will be recommending to everyone we meet during our rebuild and future builds Richmond W. Krebs & Associates.

Thank you very much.

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1414Don_City_Planners_Map_May_1955_0001.jpg 1414_Don_Ave_FENCE_Draft_1_Streets_Buildings_Neighbors_Fencing_v2a.jpg Krebs_Survey_final_engineering.jpg Master_plot_draft_v1-1-2016.jpg
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