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Industry: Land Surveyor | Elevation Certification

Elevation Certification request

We need a land surveyor that can do Elevation Certification for our FEMA B.F.E that is registered and licensed to conduct elevation surveys in the state of Louisiana and the city of Denham Springs.

This project has been completed.

FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

Winning Bid awarded to:

Environmental Science Services, Inc.
1027 North Range Avenue
Denham Springs, LA 70726
Phone: 225-927-7171



Our last elevation survey was completed Oct. 15,1981, our 3 lots in Shelly&rsquos Homesites didn't flood in 1977 and 1983 but we made up for it last August 2016.

I have to say I&rsquom impressed with how quickly we received our elevation certificate. Our surveyor Brennon Albarez finished up in good time but didn&rsquot rush. He took measurements between all our vehicles and wood piles like he was raised on a ranch and new what to expect in our disaster area.

Brennon marked our B.F.E and a...dvised me that our certificate would be sent as soon as the data is downloaded from his equipment. I paid cash got my paper receipt and my electronic receipt soon after.

Before I could compare surveys and crunch some numbers Andrew Milanes (PE) sent us our final elevation certificate. I was amazed on how fast and really painless the process was.

From first call on Monday 2-6-2016 scheduled that same week for the survey. Es2 followed up with a text message to confirm the surveyors appointment on 2-7-2016. Their surveyor Brennon called to give me a heads up that he was on his way and I had the completed elevation certificate that same day on 2-8-2016.
From talking with Andrew they do have their busy times so be sure to call and schedule as soon as possible.

Andrew also made a good point that we need to do a repeat elevation certificate after the building is complete to get our occupancy certificate from the city.
I hope everything with this project goes as smoothly as today went.
Thank you all for being so professional.

Murray and Clara
Denham Springs, LA
The Big Don Ave. House


Other Resources:

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FEMA Elevation Certificates: Who Needs them and Why (PDF)

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