Fact Check

Fact Check.

Fact checking your federal and local agencies is more than just a job for your Office of Inspector General. It is everyone's job to control the controller so interpretation of rules the actions taken on guidance are in the best interest of those the program is invested to assist.

  • PLEASE VOTE NO on CLOSING our HUD CDBG-DR Program before HUD's ALLOWED Time Estimated to be 1-18-2023
    Murray Wennerlund

    We ask that our Restore Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Task Force Members vote NO on ending our grant program as described by Director of OCD-DRU Patrick Forbes on 7-13-2018.

  • FEMA-4277-DR August 2016 Flooding State of Louisiana Federal Register Links and References
    Writers Pool

    Ensuring Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency in Taxpayer-Funded programs related to DR-4277 Louisiana Flooding