Cookie Disclosure and Transparency.

We want to make sure you are informed and aware of what our cookies actually collect. Below is your current cookie that's being used at our website. Sharing the actual cookie information collected by www.TruckAndTools.Com as part of our transparency policy.

Our cookie test is in plain text and is identified as "TESTCookie."

Our website functional cookie will start with our website name, "truckat=" then the data in the cookie is encrypted.

Here's the decrypted data from the "truckat=" cookie.

3 : Cookie Opt-in selection 3 (1="Accept" 2="Decline" 3="Not Selected")

0: Last Name if member and signed in.

0: Cookie Test

: State

: City

: Zip

: Search Zip

: Search Zip Range

64947195: IP Address

1: SSL Connection

443: Connection Port

: First Name

: Last Name

1: Cookie Set Check

0: Site Advertisements on/off

Cookie agreement not acknowledged. (A): Cookie Selection

Google Cookies

When we display advertisements supplied by Google Inc. we add additional restrictions to help protect you from bad actors and rogue scripts.

We use HTTP Content-Security-Policy (CSP) settings that effectively block and limit any and all connections that are not authorized by TruckAndTools.Com

To help protect your privacy and to protect rogue scripts that are designed to spy or do harm we manage a short list of authorized to connect within our pages.

Our list of authorized connections:

  • (limited time)
  • (limited time)
  • (limited time)

Domains marked "Limited Time" are providing Analytics so we can make improvements to our website. More and more browsers are blocking these scripts so we are migrating to our server data which is collected without 3rd party scripts and is part of our core information monitoring that does not have personal identifiable information.

Google does have inline scripts for advertisements in our site. We need to continue providing this type of script to reduce our operational overhead.

To see how we use CSP you can view your network connection from any development console view (ctrl+shift+i)

We hope other sites start to use CSP to protect us all from malicious attacks via bad or compromised 3rd party servers.

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